How to choose the mini fridge?

How do you choose the right mini fridge?
This is what we’re going to help you understand, so you can be on the safe side and buy the ideal mini fridge without wasting your money on wrong or too expensive purchases.

In the following paragraphs you’ll also have the chance to go deeper into the topics you’re most interested in thanks to the links to other articles.

Which mini fridge to choose?

To help you choose the ideal mini fridge, we’ll formulate some questions to which we’ll give immediate answers. You’ll be able to find out which function, feature or type of cooler is right for you.
Let’s start with the questions.

Do you want to place your mini fridge anywhere you want?

Maybe you’re a university student, live in a sublet with other flatmates and have only one fridge in common?
The ideal choice for you is the mini fridge table or also called mini bar fridge. You can place it next to your bed so that when you want a nice cold drink, you will have it immediately available. And above all, let’s be clear, no one can “accidentally” take something that is yours from the shared fridge. On the other hand, there is always the “fake careless” roommate.

Don’t you like the idea of having a mini fridge in your home? Would you like it to become an integral part of your furniture?

In this case, opt for the built-in mini fridge, as this special model can be fitted between one shelf and another, and then close the door. So, from an aesthetic point of view, nothing will change in your room.

Are you often in the car for work?

The portable mini fridge for cars is just the thing for you, as this special cooler can be attached to the cigarette lighter. Depending on the model, you can also connect it to the socket at home, for a double utility both on four wheels and in any apartment. Among the best models we recommend Mobicool t08 DC.

Do you have frozen products to put in the fridge?

Then you necessarily need the mini fridge with freezer. This way you can store frozen products inside, which would certainly go bad in the fridge alone.
We would like to point out, however, that the “freezer function” usually entails a higher cost of your product, although depending on the model you choose, these prices are not unreachable[as shown here].

Do you want your mini fridge to reach very low temperatures?

Then, you’ll need to buy a mini fridge that comes with a compressor. In fact, these are the models that allow you to reach very low temperatures. This results in a product that will be less quiet than a simple portable fridge, however. Although thanks to the “insulating material” this defect has been reduced. And on the subject of “reduction”, if you want to buy a model with a compressor at an affordable price, you might consider this offer.

Electric mini fridge or without power supply?

It all depends on your needs: the electric mini fridge certainly offers the possibility of connecting it to a 220/230 V socket and keeping food cold for as long as it remains connected to the power supply. On the other hand, in models without a power supply, the shelf life depends on the amount of ice present inside and the outside temperature (and therefore also on the level of insulation of the product).

Do you intend to use your small electric fridge for many hours a day?

In this case you should choose a model with energy efficiency class A or higher, as this will ensure low energy consumption. Of course, the higher the energy rating, the higher the cost. But you must also consider that what you’re spending “extra” now, you’ll save (with interest) later. Among the less “energy-eating” and cheaper models, we recommend Severin ks 9827.

Do you keep food cold even when the cooler is no longer powered?

In this case there are two solutions: either look for a model that also runs on gas (such as the Dometic Combicool rc 1200 egp) or simply assess the cooling level.
What is meant by the level of cooling?
Simply that: the higher this parameter, the more the fridge will be able to withstand the outside temperature. And therefore keep your food cold. Example: if the cooling level is -20°C and the temperature outside is 30°. It means that inside your mini fridge there will be 10 degrees.
If, on the other hand, you would like to opt for gas models, it means that you will have a dual power supply. Electric at home and gas when you are out camping.

Are you a fisherman and need a fridge to keep your fish fresh?

The best solution is an icebox. Opt for the best models, such as the Coleman Xtreme 52 qt (48 lt) which keeps fish fresh for 5 days. The same duration is guaranteed by the Coleman Xtreme 100 QT, only the latter is larger(91 litres).
Beyond these two models, the advice is to opt for the iceboxes of the Coleman and Igloo brands (certainly the two leading brands in the sector).

Looking for an elegant fridge to store your wine?

Have no doubts and opt for the special wine coolers. Unlike classic coolers, they boast a frontal display case and a design that is generally more elegant (they are also suitable for other drinks such as champagne, for example).
Among the best models we recommend Klarstein Vinovista (24 litres), Klarstein Barolo (48 litres) and Tristar wr 7508 (21 litres).

Do you need a fridge for “professional” use?

Then we can give you even more specific information in the following articles: mini fridge for medicines and mini fridge for hotels and b&b. By clicking on the following links you will be able to visit specific pages where you can read our purchasing advice.
Of course, the medicine coolers are also suitable for non-professional use.

Capacity: is the mini fridge for personal or collective use?

For personal use , a minimum capacity of 4 litres may be fine. For example, an excellent model for personal use is the Ardes ARTK44A.
For collective use, it must have a capacity of more than 10 litres. Among the best we could recommend Melchioni Family.

Are you going to put the small fridge in the bedroom?

Then choose a model that has a low noise level. Otherwise, if the noise bothers you, you won’t be able to sleep. Among the less noisy models we recommend the Klarstein MKS 13, Severin KS 9827 and Klarstein Manhattan.

Do you want to heat up the food you brought with you?

Choose the model with hot-cold function. Obviously, it doesn’t have the same power as an oven, but it manages to offer a dual utility that will certainly be very convenient in many circumstances. Among the cheapest and most popular models we recommend the Ardes AR5I04.

Midnight snack? Do you want to avoid turning on the light in the room?

Choose the model equipped with an internal light. This way, once you open the door, your small refrigerator will automatically light up and show you all the ideal “snacks” for your midnight snack.

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