Igloo icebox: recommended models and types

The Igloo icebox is suitable for many purposes. Both for more “hobbyist” uses, such as maybe taking the mini fridge with you for a nice outing with family or friends, and for more “professional” uses such as putting in freshly caught fish or putting in insulins and other medicines.
Different types are available in order to meet not only the most varied uses, but also the “physical” needs. We will deepen this discourse in the next paragraphs.

Igloo icebox: prices of the best models

Before describing the characteristics of the various types of mini fridge, we want to immediately bring to your attention the best Igloo iceboxes. Obviously, these are also rather subjective choices that were based anyway on value for money, but you will certainly have to assess whether these models are the “best” for you according to your needs.

Igloo portable icebox: the characteristics

If you already know the brand Igloo you know very well that we are talking about a brand among the best in the field of cooling. And this is demonstrated by the incredible capacity of these iceboxes. In fact, these products can keep the ice even up to 7 days. So, an entire week without having to put more ice in (of course, this capacity also depends on the model you decide to buy). Resistance to heat is further guaranteed by UV protection and infrared technology that protect the mini fridge from the sun’s rays (features present for example in the Igloo marine 54 qt model).

But we are not just talking about excellent refrigeration, the Igloo icebox also offers more comfort, such as the glass holders, the light to see the contents inside the refrigerator at all times, the drain plug, the basket for food placed in such a way as to keep it both cold and dry, the bottle openers already incorporated and easy to use and the practical handles that facilitate transporting the icebox.
We also talk about a product that is absolutely safe, since the padlock closure prevents prying eyes from poking around where they shouldn’t.

Igloo icebox with wheels: no more effort required

If the classic Igloo portable iceboxes must still be transported by weight using the special handle, this does not happen with the Igloo icebox with wheels. Thanks to the presence of these wheels , transportation is really simple and easy. Among other things, there are models with different wheels, we have the soft anti-trace wheels or the Oversize wheels, i.e. larger wheels suitable for dealing with more complicated terrain (such as sand).
The transport is further facilitated by the presence of thetelescopic handle (it will be a bit like carrying a trolley).
And how much do Igloo wheeled iceboxes cost?
Here is the price of the recommended cooler.

Igloo Marine boat cooler: ideal for fishermen

Certainly for boats, both portable models with a classic handle and portable models with wheels are fine. Igloo, however, for boats has thought well to introduce also, in the models with wheels, a non-marking tread so as to avoid that the movement of the icebox can leave marks on the surface of the boat.
Beyond this introduction, our advice is, regardless of the model for boats with wheels or not, to opt for an Igloo icebox given the excellent cooling capacity. These products are perfect for storing freshly caught fish and keeping it fresh until you return home.
So, we suggest you evaluate the price and features of the boat cooler we selected here.

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