Inventor mini fridge: low-noise models

Inventor mini-fridges know how to combine the main quality of refrigerators (i.e. the cooling of drinks and food) with low noise and low energy consumption. This makes the mini-fridges of this brand very popular. Also because having a mini fridge that cools properly and at the same time is not excessively noisy and does not consume much, are qualities that are highly sought after in this sector. Qualities, as mentioned, with which Inventor mini fridges are equipped. And these are not the only merits, we will discover a little later all the advantageous features of these products.

Inventor mini fridge: prices of the best models

If you’re immediately interested in buying an Inventor mini fridge, then this paragraph may satisfy your “thirst to buy”, as we’ve selected the best Inventor mini fridges.
Below you can see the prices. Costs that by the way are reduced thanks to the offers (if still valid).

Inventor mini fridge: the characteristics

The electric mini-fridges Inventor, as mentioned at the beginning, are appreciated for the low energy consumption and not too noisy. In fact, we can report that these mini fridges belong to the energy class A +, while the noise level is only 42 db. This value is lower than that of common refrigerators that start from a minimum base of 50 decibels.

Among the other features, how not to mention the elegant and compact design and the reversible door. This feature allows us to change the opening of the door, so as to be more free in the positioning of the refrigerator. In addition, the Inventor mini fridges are also equipped with an adjustable thermostat, internal grilles that can be placed at different heights (so as to optimize space) and a small freezer compartment.
As of today there are only a few Inventor mini fridge available, so if interested we invite you to evaluate here price and availability of the cooler we selected.

Inventor mini fridge: the features

We will not dwell on the aspects already mentioned in the Inventor mini fridge, also because there are very few differences between the mini wine cellar and the classic mini bar. Both serve the same purpose, only that the wine cellar can be defined more elegant because of the front glass display case that allows you to immediately see the contents inside the cooler.

Among other things, it should be noted that the glass is made in such a way as to protect food and beverages from UV rays. This feature allows you to reflect this radiation so as to avoid the fading of the color as well as the alteration of flavors. Wine cellars are usually used for wines, but there is nothing to stop you from putting water or other drinks inside. And why not, even medicines.
And if you want to discover the few Inventor models available, you can click here to read the opinions of users who have already purchased these coolers.

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