Klarstein Barolo wine cellar: the designer mini fridge

Would you like to buy a mini fridge that can hold 16 bottles of wine?

A mini fridge that also makes a good impression wherever it will be placed?

A small appliance that doesn’t take up too much space?

Well then the solution for you is the Klarstein Barolo wine cooler. The black design, the glass door and theled lighting inside make this mini fridge really elegant. Inside there are three metal shelves that allow the insertion of as many as 16 bottles of wine from 0.75 l. In addition, these shelves are also removable, so you will also have the opportunity to put the bottles on the foot.

Klarstein Barolo

Klarstein Barolo

  • slim wine cooler with 48 litre volume and space for 16 conventional bottles | glass door with double insulation and small compartment for a comfortable grip on the side | three removable metal shelves and discreet interior LED lighting
  • low noise level | height adjustable feet
  • temperature range: 11 to 18 °C | design: free-standing | easy to clean

Klarstein Barolo wine cellar: adjustable internal temperature!

We’ve already talked about the “internal” aspect of the Klarstein Barolo mini fridge, specifying the presence of LED lighting and how it is equipped with removable metal shelves, but there is also another datum to pay attention to. This data refers to the temperature. While, in some mini fridges the temperature values are fixed, so you only have to choose between maybe 10° and 15°, in this case not. You can adjust it from a minimum of 11°C to a maximum of 18°C. Making the Klarstein Barolo wine cellar suitable both for wines (the main reason why it was made) but also for other beverages such as maybe champagne.
Temperature is adjusted through the control panel with touch controls and you can view it through the lcd display.
Below we report all the other features of this mini fridge of the well-known brand Klarstein.

  • Energy class A: the annual energy consumption is estimated at 131 kwh.
  • It is not a built-in fridge.
  • Noise level of 43 db: in our opinion it is silent, but considering that not all of us have the same perception of “annoyance”, perhaps to some it may seem only slightly noisy. However, we are certainly not dealing with an excessively noisy wine cellar.
  • Height adjustable feet: and in this regard we add that the internal dimensions of the Klarstein Barolo wine cellar are 35 x 42 x 32 cm (LxHxD), while the external ones are 42 x 50 x 52 cm.
  • Net weight: 13.2 kg.
  • Capacity: 48 liters.

Klarstein Barolo: price and why choose it!

Why would you prefer the Klarstein Barolo to another wine cellar?

The models on the market for what concerns the wine cellars are really many and ask why choose this mini fridge to others is more than legitimate. We answer this question with three adjectives: elegant, capacious and small. These are the three adjectives that best describe the Klarstein Barolo wine cellar and the three reasons why you prefer this mini electric fridge to others.
And if you want to review the price and find out if the product is still available, you can click here.

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