Klarstein Beerbauch: interior grilles can be positioned at 12 different heights

Are you looking for a roomy mini fridge?

Refrigerator where you can manage the space inside as you see fit?

Where you can even fit 1.5 litre bottles?

Then you are looking for the Klarstein Beerbauch, a 65-litre fridge. Compared to other coolers with fixed grids, with the Klarstein the 2 available grids can be removed or positioned at different heights (12 levels). And that’s not all, because there’s also space in the inner door compartment thanks to two bottle holders (one of them suitable for putting a 1.5-litre bottle upright) and an egg holder.
In short, the Beerbauch responds positively to your demands for space to put more drinks and more cold food inside the fridge.

Klarstein Beerbauch: No noise!

Worried about those mini refrigerators that make a lot of noise?

This could be a problem that should not be underestimated especially if you intend to put the fridge in your office or maybe in your bedroom. The noise might bother you a lot. But fortunately not all electric mini fridges on the market are annoying, and the Klarstein Beerbauch is proof of that. It’s a thermoelectric model , and the absence of a compressor makes it quieter than other refrigerators. You can even install it in your bedroom, it won’t disturb your nights (sound level of only 38 db).
E will not disturb your wallet either as it is a small class A appliance. So, energy efficient.
And now let’s move on to the other features of the Klarstein mini fridge:

  • Adjustable temperature up to 5 levels: range from 6.5° to 15°C.
  • Adjustable feet: to make the positioning of the Klarstein mini fridge on uneven surfaces more stable.
  • External and internal dimensions: 46 x 74 x 54.5 cm (W x H x D) – 35.5 x 60 x 33 cm.
  • Net weight approx. 20 kg.
  • Reversible door: so the opening can be either right (standard) or left
  • Non-recessed mini fridge.
  • Estimated consumption of 124 kWh/year.

Klarstein Beerbauch mini fridge: opinions

We’ve almost reached the end of the review and now all that’s left is to ask one very last question:
“Why choose the Klarstein Beerbauch mini fridge and not another capacious 65-litre cooler?”.
We recommend that you prefer this small refrigerator because it is quiet, so you can safely install it even near your bed and it will not disturb your rest. We also really appreciated the ability to optimally adjust the interior space thanks to the grills that can be positioned at up to 12 different heights. In other fridges there is much less “choice” and the optimization of space, for this reason, is not so excellent.
Those who have already bought it are more than satisfied with the good value for money[opinions you can find out here]. If, however, 65 liters are not enough for you, then it is obviously the case to aim at models with higher capacities and always remaining in the house Klarstein, we can recommend the PopArt(108 liters).

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