Klarstein Beersafe: discover the differences between the various models

By Klarstein Beersafe, we are not referring to a single mini fridge, but to a line of coolers. In fact, there are various models of the same series that differ, one from the other, for the different capacity, different design and different energy consumption.
Otherwise, they are products that are similar, in fact, all models have a front display case, all are silent and all allow you to adjust the internal grills to different heights.
That said, in the course of the article we will discover the various Beersafe mini fridges.

Mini fridge Beersafe Klarstein: prices of recommended models

Before we move on to evaluate the differences between one model and another, we want to point out the prices for the three coolers in the series that we think are the best. Below, in the table, you can already see the costs of the three mini fridge Klarstein Beersafe that we consider the best.

Klarstein Beersafe Pro: the largest

Calling the Klarstein Beersafe Pro a mini fridge is quite reductive, although the company itself has defined it as such. Its capacity of 133 liters allows you to store everything inside and is ideal for restaurants, such as bars or pubs. This is also supported by an elegant design. It is also suitable for catering purposes because it does not consume much(the class is A+) and the door is self-closing. So, there will be no need to push it to the end.
The internal temperature can be regulated from 0° to 22°C.
Interested in this cooler?
Then you can click here to check if it is still available.

Klarstein Beersafe XXXL: 116 litre capacity and 2 cooling zones

The XXXL model is one of the largest in the Beersafe family.
With a capacity of 116 litres, you can store up to 18 75cl bottles of wine and 58 cans. So it is ideal for those who need a lot of space.
The cooling temperature can be adjusted from 5 to 22 degrees and you will have the great possibility to use two independent zones. In one you can cool your wine to a precise temperature and in the other you can, for example, cool your drinks to a different level.
Chiller that is not noisy and you can adjust its settings via a handy touch control panel. Of course the Klarstein Beersafe XXXL is the most expensive mini fridge of the series[see price here].

Klarstein Beersafe 3XL: 98 litre capacity

The Klarstein Beersafe 3XL has 7 cooling levels to choose from(0° to 10° C), a low energy consumption(class A+) and a double glass door with stainless steel front.
Otherwise we are dealing with a cooler that in terms of other features does not differ much from the XXXL model. And we invite you to evaluate its further functionality, price and design by clicking on this link.

Klarstein Beersafe XXL: 80-148 litres capacity

If 116 liters is too much, then you can opt for the Beersafe XXL mini fridge. The capacity in this case is 80 liters and you can optimize the space according to your needs because the grids are removable and can be positioned at different heights. The energy class is A+ (so it doesn’t consume much) and the internal temperature is adjustable(from 5 to 10 degrees). We would like to point out that this mini fridge by Klarstein is also silent.
Attention: because there is also another XXL version, but in this case the cooler has a capacity of 148 liters. And if you are interested in such a model you can click here.

Klarstein Beersafe XL: 60 litre capacity

It decreases the capacity(60 liters) and also decreases the energy consumption. The Klarstein Beersafe XL is a small appliance of class A++, so compared to the models previously mentioned consumes less.
As we specified at the beginning of the article, there are not so many differences between a Beersafe fridge and another and in fact also in this cooler we find the adjustable and removable shelves, the internal led light and we have the possibility to adjust the internal temperature(from 0 to 13 ° C).
Of course this cooler, compared to the previous ones, costs less, as you can find out by clicking Klarstein Beersafe XL.

Klarstein Beersafe L: 50 litre capacity

With the L cooler, the capacity (50 litres) decreases as well as the price[which you can find out about here]. This cooler is ideal for those who aren’t looking for products that are too bulky, but we must point out one weak point, which is the energy class. Neither A++ nor A+. And unfortunately not even A, the class is B and certainly from the point of view of energy savings could do more.

Klarstein Beersafe L Onyx: 47 litre capacity

The Klarstein Beersafe L Onyx can be defined as the “improved version” of the Beersafe L.
On the one hand there is a smaller capacity (47 liters against 50 liters) but on the other hand we have a lower energy consumption. No longer class B, but class A+. Precisely for this last reason we have no doubts and between the Klarstein Beersafe L Onyx and the L model we recommend the first[discover the price here].

Klarstein Beersafe M: 35 litre capacity

Is 47 litres too much?

Then with the Klarstein Beersafe line you can still go down in capacity and opt for the M cooler. Only 35 litres and two height-adjustable interior grilles. Above all it is a mini fridge of class A++ (so very limited consumption) and certainly this product is also very quiet, so much so that you can even mount it in the bedroom.
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