Klarstein Beersafe XL: energy-efficient refrigerator

The mini electric fridge bars are very useful because they allow us to have a second food refrigeration system with smaller dimensions. A product that we can install in a room other than the kitchen, such as perhaps the bedroom. So for the “midnight snack” you do not have to necessarily go to the dining room. But it is also true that having another appliance will increase the costs in the bill. With the Klarstein Beersafe XL however, these costs are really contained since it is a small appliance of class A++.

Klarstein Beersafe XL Onyx

Klarstein Beersafe XL Onyx

  • REFINED: The Beersafe Onyx small office fridge from Klarstein is the ideal place to store fresh food and iced drinks in small apartments, offices or garden cottages.
  • ELEGANT DESIGN: A glass door with anthracite frame on the bar fridge offers maximum visibility inside the housing. A separately activatable cool-white LED light highlights the products stored inside.

Klarstein Beersafe XL fridge: What a capacity (60 litres) and how quiet it is!

In the very first paragraph we specified how usually the mini electric bar fridge is an excellent solution to have a second cooler to install perhaps in the bedroom. However, if we decide to install it in the room where we sleep, we need to pay attention to the noise level. The models with compressor, in fact, sometimes are a bit ‘too noisy and would not allow you a sweet rest. Not, however, the Klarstein Beersafe XL that despite boasting the compressor is absolutely silent (only 42 decibels).

Another fact that we like about the Klarstein fridge in question is the capacity. The internal volume is 60 liters and we can really put everything in it. You can organize the interior space as you see fit, as the grills can be placed at 6 different heights. Perhaps you could organise the first two shelves for food and the last two for drinks only. In short, you have a wide range of choices, since you can also remove more than one grid to fit 2 liter bottles to put vertically.
So far on the Klarstein Beersafe XL mini fridge, we’ve discovered that it’s capacious, energy efficient and quiet.
And are the benefits to be discovered finished there?
Absolutely not. Here are the others:

  • Environmentally friendly: uses R600A refrigerant.
  • Adjustable temperature: 5 levels.
  • Elegant design with glass door.
  • Internal led light: can be activated separately and allows us to see the inside of our Klarstein Beersafe fridge.
  • External dimensions: 47 x 63 x 52.5 cm.
  • Internal dimensions of the main compartment and the compartment at the bottom: 39 x 35 x 33.5 cm – 39 x 17 x 18 cm (respectively WxHxD).
  • Fridge weight: about 21 kg.
  • Door opening on the right: not reversible.
  • Included: corrugated bottle grid, metal grid and the champagne rack.

Klarstein Beersafe XL: price and final opinion

Why would you prefer the Klarstein Beersafe XL to another 60 litre mini fridge?

For its very elegant design, its silence(you can even put it in your bedroom) and its low energy consumption (class A++). It’s a mini fridge that incorporates all the features that are highly appreciated in products in this sector and which differentiate it considerably from other models that are noisy, expensive (in terms of energy consumption) and with a rather banal design.
Of course, the price of the Beersafe XL Klarstein is not low[click here and review the cost and also find out if the fridge is still available], but the value for money is absolutely convincing.

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