Klarstein Bella Taverna: one of the most beautiful mini refrigerators

If you are a lover of vintage, you will absolutely love the Klarstein Bella Taverna mini fridge, also called Klarstein Mini Taverna. We’re talking about a small fridge with a really retro design. But don’t be fooled by its appearance because the Klarstein Bella Taverna hides a number of innovative features.
So, if you want to know more, you just have to continue reading, certain that the Klarstein Mini Taverna will capture your attention.

Klarstein Bella Taverna

Klarstein Bella Taverna

  • The Klarstein Bella taverna is a hot/cold, small and stylish mini fridge in a vintage design with a steel coloured opening handle. Ideal for taking with you on camping trips, picnics and long journeys or to keep at home as a room fridge or near the TV area.
  • The capacity of 4 liters ensures enough space for several cans and jars of yogurt. The pull-out shelf makes it possible to organize the space inside according to your needs.

Klarstein Mini Taverna: vintage on the outside and modern on the inside!

The vintage look immediately catches the eye and makes the Bella Taverna mini fridge a very popular product also and above all from an aesthetic point of view. You can choose from these different colours: green, white, silver, cream and red. The latter colour makes your Klarstein Bella Taverna look like a Coca Cola mini fridge.
The title of this paragraph reads: “Old on the outside, modern on the inside”. Let’s explain why thanks to the features you’ll find listed below.

  • Dual power supply: do you want to take it in the car? You can, thanks to the 12v plug. Want to use it only at home? No problem, there is also a 220V plug. So we are dealing with a portable mini-bar.
  • Equipped with a hot-cold function: so as well as keeping your drinks and other fridge food cold, you can also keep them warm. A double function, certainly not ancient, but very modern.
  • Capacity of 4 liters: it will be possible to keep several cans cool but, considering that it has the double function hot cold, you can also leave inside a hot food or, why not, even your baby’s bottle.
  • Easy to carry: thanks to the convenient folding handle and the negligible weight of only 2.25 kg. The dimensions are also very small. This Klarstein mini fridge only measures 19 x 28.5 x 27 cm.
  • Door stop: Ensures that the mini fridge does not open unintentionally
  • On/off switch at the top of the appliance.
  • Average noise level: the Mini Taverna is not too noisy but neither is it a very quiet mini fridge, which is why we classify it among the coolers that are the most classic of the middle ground. So, the noise for some will be largely bearable, for others it might not be.

Klarstein Bella: an inexpensive cooler always with you!

The Klarstein Bella Taverna electric mini fridge is ideal for everyone, even more so for those who travel or go on picnics with friends. A truly versatile product. You will have the opportunity to use it both in summer and winter. An advantage that not all coolers have, but with your Klarstein Mini Taverna you will have.
But the real strength of this cooler is the aesthetic aspect, with a vintage design that alone is worth the price of the cooler[cost that you can review here].

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