Klarstein Brooklyn 24: is not annoying and is very nice

The Klarstein Brooklyn 24 meets the needs of those who are looking for a mini fridge that is quiet (able to adequately cool the drinks inside) and aesthetically pleasing. Also because none of us would want to show off a fridge in the living room that is noisy (which might even make it annoying just to stay in that room and chat with friends) and that is an eyesore to the decor. All “flaws” that the Klarstein Brooklyn 24 certainly does not have and the display case, in addition to showing immediately the contents inside, makes the fridge even more elegant.
And if that were not enough, aesthetically we also appreciated the internal light that comes on whenever we open the door(opening on the right can be changed). Which is also useful because it doesn’t force us to turn on the room lights.

Klarstein Brooklyn 24L

Klarstein Brooklyn 24L

  • LUXURY: Cool drinks in luxurious black: The Klarstein Brooklyn small office fridge brings alcohol and drinks to ideal temperatures and, thanks to its compact size, is ideal for small families, party rooms, offices or garden houses!
  • COMPACT: Compact but large in terms of storage space: the Klarstein Brooklyn small fridge offers plenty of space for a wide range of non-alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Klarstein Brooklyn: 24 litres of freshness and low consumption!

As can be seen from the name of the product, the Klarstein Brooklyn has a capacity of 24 liters and thanks to the grid that can be positioned on 10 different shelves (2 cm apart) we have the possibility to manage the internal space in the best way to make it fit even bottles of wine or water.

If, from the point of view of capacity, we are able to manage the space in such a way as to allow what we want to fit inside, the consumption factor could be a concern. When you decide to buy an appliance (whatever it is) it is logical to think about the electricity bill. You can’t do otherwise (unless you’re a millionaire who doesn’t give a damn about wasting money) so it’s normal to ask yourself: but how much does the Klarstein Brooklyn 24 consume?

Well, you can really rest assured because it is a class A appliance, whose consumption is only 65 watts.
So, we have seen that it is quite capacious, that it consumes little and then now we just have to discover all the other features:

  • 220-240 V power supply.
  • Dimensions of the internal compartment: 310 x 375 x 210 mm.
  • Dimensions of the fridge: 380 x 470 x 380 mm.
  • Net weight about 9 kg.
  • Height-adjustable feet: this keeps the Klarstein mini fridge upright even on uneven floors.
  • Temperature adjustable from 12 to 15°C.
  • Also suitable for use in bedrooms, b&b’s and hotels.
  • Hidden handle: so as not to depreciate the aesthetic appearance of the refrigerator.

Klarstein Brooklyn 24 wine cooler: price and review

Would we recommend buying the Klarstein Brooklyn 24 wine cooler?

And why?
Because it’s a fridge that looks great. The fact that it’s silent makes it perfect for use in bedrooms (even those in hotels or B&Bs) and, in addition, it’s not a high-consumption appliance (which is an advantage for both private individuals and hoteliers). All reasons that lead us to consider the Klarstein Brooklyn 24 a great value for money mini fridge[find out if it’s still available here].

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