Klarstein Happy Hour: not only silent, but also elegant

There is one detail for which the Klarstein Happy Hour is very popular. And it’s one of those details that many of us ask for because we are tired of having to install the mini fridge in the kitchen, or in other rooms, just not to put it in the bedroom (otherwise it would be impossible to rest). Well, as you may have guessed, we are referring to the silence. This is the great advantage you will notice as soon as you turn it on. You’ll wonder why you don’t hear any annoying noises (maybe you’re used to some eardrum-shattering fridges). The installation in the bedroom. therefore, is more than advisable because, in addition to being silent, boasts a really elegant design.
The Klarstein Happy Hour is an excellent solution for hoteliers, so there will be no more bad reviews that maybe start with “The mini fridge in the room is too noisy”. A detail that makes all the difference in a field like hotels and B&Bs.

Klarstein Happy Hour

Klarstein Happy Hour

  • Space-saving mini fridge with energy efficiency class A+, 32 l capacity for drinks and snacks, Cooling temperature adjustable in 5 stages
  • Quiet: only 33dB, ideal for hostels, bedrooms, hobby rooms and gardens
  • Two removable plastic shelves, Shelves can be used separately, Storage compartment for bottles and cans on the inside of the door
  • Temperature adjustable from 5 to 15 degrees

Mini fridge Happy Hour: you organise the space inside!

Another negative point that we often notice in an electric fridge is that of managing the space inside. Perhaps we have bought several bottles of water and in order to optimise space we would like to put them on their feet. And here is that the inability to remove and move the shelves does not allow us to position them vertically. This is a problem that does not occur with the Klarstein Happy Hour. The two shelves can be removed or maybe you can move them a little higher or lower. In short, you get to choose their layout so that you can fit what you want in the position you want.
This advantage also allows us to highlight that the maximum internal volume is 32 liters. Klarsteinnon mini fridgewith freezer compartment. Present instead the bottle compartment.
To evaluate the other features here is the list that we recommend to read:

  • Adjustable thermostat: 5 temperature levels you can choose from (the thermostat is on the back of the fridge).
  • Internal light: which obviously comes on when you open the door.
  • Reversible opening: by default the door opens to the right but you can also change the opening.
  • External and internal dimensions: 40 x 54 x 43 cm – 30 x 42 x 24 cm.
  • Net weight: 11 kg.
  • Cable length 1.1 meters.

Klarstein Happy Hour: price and reviews

Why prefer the Klarstein Happy Hour to another mini electric fridge?

The main reason is one: the quietness.
Finally you can install the fridge even in your bedroom without the worry: “But won’t it be too noisy for the night?”. Away with these worries and in only the advantage of having a cooler to keep close to you to enjoy a delicious and cold drink without having to go to the kitchen. A perfect solution and highly recommended for those who own a hotel or a b&b.
And to confirm our positive opinion, there are also other opinions that you can read. To do so, just click here and visit the site where you can also buy the Klarstein Happy Hour reviewing price and features.

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