Klarstein HEA MKS 1: wine cellar with blue LED light

Do you like wine?

Would you like to keep an array of wine bottles in plain sight, to grab one at special moments?

Then our advice is to buy a wine cooler. Specifically, we recommend the Klarstein HEA MKS 1 mini fridge. Thanks to its display cabinet, you can put all your wines on display. Moreover, thanks to its elegant design, it lends itself to any room. It wouldn’t look out of place in your living room or kitchen. Not to mention the soft blue LED light, which will make your Klarstein HEA MKS 1 mini fridge even more “charming”.
We have just talked about the design but, later on, you can discover all the technical features and advantages that this wine cooler can offer. First, let’s premise that the usage is ideal especially for wines or at most proseccos or sparkling wines.

Klarstein HEA-MKS-1

Klarstein HEA-MKS-1

  • Suitable for storing 16 standard bottles, with its black frame and slightly darkened door, the wine cellar from Klarstein is the ideal device for storing your wines.
  • This refrigerator not only performs a storage function, but also becomes an elegant display cabinet, thanks to its sleek design, removable steel shelves and soft blue LED light.

Klarstein MKS 1: Up to 16 bottles inside!

Is capacity important to you?

Then you’ll be more than satisfied with the Klarstein HEA MKS 1 mini fridge, as it holds up to 16 1.5 l bottles of wine. As many as 16 bottles to show off, thanks to the panoramic door equipped with the valuable display case. In terms of litres, the capacity is 48 litres. So, a very good capacity.
After seeing how capacious this mini fridge bar is, we just have to see what other advantages it can offer.

  • Double insulation: this advantage allows you to stay safe because, even in case of a single failure, there will be no danger for you.
  • Front panel: you can set and control the temperature. In addition, you can also set the keypad lock, so that no one can accidentally press the keys, changing the parameters you have selected.
  • Energy class A.
  • Annual energy consumption 217 kwh: this parameter should be seen in a general way. In fact, consumption may vary depending on the use that is made of it and the temperature of the environment in which the wine cellar is placed.
  • Adjustable temperature from 8° to 18°.
  • Noise level 30 db: therefore, we do not speak of a noisy product.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Handle: allows easy transportation of the mini fridge.
  • Internal lighting: allows you to see the contents inside the mini fridge, even if there is no lighting in the room.
  • Voltage 220-240 V.
  • Four removable shelves: thanks to the mobility of the shelves, you will be able to optimize the space inside the Klarstein HEA MKS 1 mini fridge, as you prefer.
  • Supporting feet.

Klarstein HEA MKS-1: final opinion

Why choose the Klarstein HEA MKS 1 mini fridge?

Because it will be a completely new and elegant way to keep good wine cold. Among other things, the blue LEDs give the cooler an even more appealing look. And we can’t forget that this is not a noisy cooler like many others on the market. For these reasons we recommend the Klarstein MKS 1, whose only fault is the energy class C. Of course, a class A would have been better, but if that had been the case we would be talking about a more expensive refrigerator.
Interested in buying this Klarstein mini fridge?
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