Klarstein Manhattan: also ideal for wine

Do you want a mini bar fridge to put beer in, but if necessary, also wine?
Stop, stay here, because you have just found the ideal table fridge for you. Let’s talk about the Klarstein Manhattan mini fridge. The ecological and silent mini fridge, which will be appreciated also for its 35 liters capacity. However, we don’t want to anticipate everything right away.
If you continue reading, you will discover all the advantages of the Klarstein Manhattan mini fridge.

Klarstein Manhattan

Klarstein Manhattan

  • The Klarstein Manhattan is a compact mini fridge with a capacity of 35 liters. It can be used as a minibar, as a convenient room fridge, as a useful fridge in the office or hobby space, as well as placed in the bar corner.
  • This mini fridge has a removable shelf that organises the space into two compartments, offering plenty of room to cool bottles, cans or snacks.
  • The Manhattan mini fridge is extremely quiet when in operation and has been designed in class B to ensure intelligent energy saving.

Klarstein Manhattan fridge: spacious and silent!

The Klarstein Manhattan mini fridge, thanks to its capacity of 35 liters, allows you to put inside an entire case of beer. But not only beers, because it is also ideal for bottles of wine. It is suitable for use in the bedroom) or, why not, even in the office. In fact, thanks to its 30 decibels the noise will be barely perceptible to the ear. Your sleep will not be disturbed.
Let’s now discover all the other features of the Klarstein Manhattan mini fridge.

  • Power consumption: 70 w.
  • Energy saving class B: according to standard calculations made over 24 hours, the Klarstein Manhattan mini fridge consumes up to 173 Kw/h peryear. This is, of course, a general figure. In any case, consumption depends on the actual use of the appliance, which may consume less or even more than the figure given here. Certainly, if we only look at the figure offered, we are talking about low energy consumption. We can not hide that a class A, consumes less, but it is also true that the class B costs less.
  • Adjustable temperature from 5° C to 12° C.
  • Equipped with internal light: an important advantage if you use it in an environment with reduced lighting and not only. For example: in the case of use in the bedroom, it allows you not to turn on the chandelier in the room (especially if it’s night and your partner has already finished counting sheep to fall asleep).
  • Equipped with two compartments: only one of them is removable. In addition, for an even greater optimization of available space you can, thanks to the side supports positioned inside the mini fridge Klarstein, change the height of the shelf, so as to insert the most bulky bottles in a shelf, and the cans in another shelf.
  • Dimensions and weight of the mini fridge: 45 x 37 x 52.5 cm – 11 kg.

Klarstein Manhattan: not even the price makes noise!

The Klarstein Manhattan mini fridge is ideal for homes, but also for campers. The savings class, as mentioned, is B. This means that it consumes more than a class A mini fridge. However, it’s also true that the actual consumption will depend on the type of use you’ll make of it, whether assiduous and continuous over time (i.e., every day) or only sporadic (i.e., during the hottest periods).

But is the price convenient?
The answer is yes. Because, it’s true that it’s a class B, but it’s also true, that it has a really large capacity with two compartments. Moreover, it is silent (only 30 db) and equipped with a comfortable internal light. And if you are interested in buying it, you can find out here if it is still available.

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