Klarstein mini fridge: features and models to discover

Klarstein is a company that deals with small and large appliances, all products that can be useful in the home and outside. Special mention should be made of the Klarstein mini fridge. These small coolers are ideal for any room as they boast a wide range of designs and features to suit everyone’s needs.
And on this page we’ll find out all about Klarstein mini fridges (including wine coolers which are still coolers, albeit called differently).

Best Klarstein mini fridge: reviews

Before delving into the characteristics of a Klarstein mini fridge, we want to point out those that, in our opinion, represent the best solutions. Of the models we have chosen you can read the reviews (next to the appropriate link there will be a very brief description of the product).
In the course of the article there will also be other reviews that you can discover.

  • Klarstein Bella Taverna (vintage design and 4 litre capacity)
  • Klarstein MKS 13 (stylish design and 32 litre capacity).
  • Klarstein Reserva Saloon (two independent zones and total capacity of 40 liters).
  • Klarstein Barolo (wine cellar fridge with 48 liters).
  • Klarstein Beerbauch (65 liter fridge).
  • Klarstein PopArt (line of fridge with 90s design, 108 liters capacity).

Klarstein mini fridge: features

With the Klarstein mini fridge, thanks to the removable shelf, it will be easy to optimize the space inside. In addition, you can vary the refrigeration temperature at your discretion. Just as you can do with Klarstein Hea Mks 50.
In addition, some models are equipped with internal LED light that turns on automatically once you open the door (as in the case of Klarstein Manhattan). The door can also have reversible hinges, so you can open it either to the right or left.

The Klarstein mini fridge also features a compact design and ergonomic handle for easy transport. It also features a dual hot-cold function, so you can also reheat your food. If that’s not enough to convince you that you’re looking at a great product, the Klarstein mini fridge also comes with a safety door locking system.

The new models from this brand all start from a basic energy class, A. So, you can opt for very low energy consumption refrigerators, such as the Klarstein Snoopy Eco(class A++).
As far as the internal volume is concerned, Klarstein also gives you plenty of choices here. You can opt for smaller fridges such as the 17-litre Geheimversteck[discover here] or perhaps the Klarstein Springfield(112-litre).

Klarstein wine cellar: the ideal fridge for wine

As mentioned, the wine cellar (albeit called as such) is still a mini fridge, but it differs from the more classic cooler for an even more elegant appearance. In fact, these products boast a front display case that allows us to see the contents inside. So we can show off, for example, our vintage wine.
Some models, such as Klarstein hea mks 1, also have blue LEDs that make the wine cooler even more attractive.

Some designs are really special because in addition to offering a soft blue light, they are divided into two separate compartments with adjustable temperature. So you can put in one of the beverages keeping them at a different temperature than the ones you keep in the other compartment. This will be possible, for example, with the Klarstein Beersafe XXXL[discover it here] or with the already mentioned Reserva Saloon.
Different capacities for what concerns the volume of drinks that can be put inside (among the smallest wine cellars, 24 liters, we recommend the Klarstein Vinovista Picollo).

The wine cellars as well as the classic mini fridge are also divided according to certain lines. For example, one of the most varied is the Klarstein Beersafe. Line of coolers that allows you to choose between models that are all silent and with a front display case, but that certainly differ in design and capacity. For example, the Klarstein Beersafe XL On yx differs by the onyx black color and the internal volume of 60 liters.

Klarstein mini fridge: prices

Klarstein mini fridges, as you may have already seen through the various links we’ve suggested, can cost either a little or a lot. Everything will depend on the type of mini fridge you choose to buy.
One thing is certain, however: whatever your choice, you can count on quality products[this is one of the best value for money].

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