Klarstein MKS 13: Silent and elegant minibar

When would it be convenient to have a mini fridge at hand, while you’re watching a good movie or your favorite team’s game on TV?

It would be a convenience, even better if it is silent, shall we say?

If you want to have this comfort, we have what you need. We’re referring to the Klarstein HEA MKS 13 mini fridge, which is ideal for placing near your bed or even next to the couch, so you can have your refreshing drink at your fingertips.
Why is the Klarstein MKS 13 mini fridge ideal for home use?
We’ll tell you one of its advantages right now. Not only is its size compact, but we’re also talking about a sleek design that perfectly matches any room. A design so refined that it is also ideal for those who own a hotel or a b&b and want to equip their rooms with a minibar for guests.

Klarstein MKS-13

Klarstein MKS-13

  • DESIGN: Thanks to its compact and elegant design, the small office fridge Klarstein HEA-MKS is ideal for giving a touch of extra comfort with minimum space requirements.
  • PRACTICALITY: In addition to its attractive appearance, the Klarstein small fridge is also an excellent energy-saving ally, with its energy class F and its quiet operation of 0 db. The device is also equipped with a shelf.

Klarstein HEA MKS-13: Quiet, time for a nap!

Do you want to put the Klarstein MKS 13 mini fridge in your bedroom, but fear it might be too noisy?

You can put these thoughts out of your mind, because the Klarstein MKS 13 mini fridge is silent. It will keep running, without being a problem for your sleep. You will be able to sleep without any kind of problem. That’s why we think it’s also a great mini fridge for hotels and B&Bs.
Of course, the quietness is not the only advantage of the Klarstein MKS 13 mini fridge. As you’ll be able to see below, there really are several advantageous features. Before these though, we recommend you check the availability of the product now.

  • Capacity of 32 litres.
  • Removable shelf: so you can optimise the space as you see fit. By removing the shelf, you can even fit 2-litre water bottles.
  • Climate class N: this class (not to be confused with the energy class) means that the mini fridge is suitable for all environments where the average temperature is between 16° and 32°.
  • It weighs 11.5 kg.
  • Easy to carry: thanks to the concave handle on the top.
  • Energy efficiency class A: average annual consumption of approximately 181 kwh. This is an average consumption, not necessarily the same for you (obviously this depends on the total time you will use the refrigerator).
  • Adjustable temperature: 3 levels.
  • Dimensions: 38 x 47 x 44,5 cm.

Klarstein MKS 13 mini fridge: final opinion

If you are looking for a silent mini fridge that can be used both at home and as an office cooler, then this model is the right one for you. We recommend buying it, first of all, for this important advantage and then, also from the aesthetic point of view, the Klarstein refrigerator can be appreciated.
Also with regard to the economic aspect, we can define the Klarstein MKS 13 mini fridge as a product with anexcellent quality/price ratio.

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