Klarstein PopArt: common points, differences and prices of the different versions

We have already dealt with more Klarstein mini fridges (but also with the wine cellars of this brand) but in this case we deal specifically with a commercial line. The Klarstein PopArt represent small refrigerators that make design one of their strengths. Taking inspiration from the name, we can define these designs really pop. Since they abandon the classic colors white, gray and black and marry much more vibrant colors. The Klarstein PopArt are available in versions: red, blue, pink and cream. In addition, the appearance is no longer that of a normal mini fridge, but we are faced with retro models(50s) and rounded design and rounded. In short, they are really nice to look at and look great in any home or work environment.

“Beyond the color, do they all boast the same features?”

No, there is a detail that differentiates them and we refer to the freezer compartment that is present in the cream version (this color is also present in the model without freezer), pink and blue. Of course, Klarstein fridges that do not have a freezer have an extra shelf useful for storing food or drinks that should not be frozen.

Klarstein Pop Art mini fridge: the characteristics

Beyond the aesthetic aspect which, as mentioned, is certainly one of the strengths of the Klarstein PopArt mini fridge, we now move on to a more technical description of the product, starting with the capacity.
The PopArt mini fridge boasts a capacity of 108 liters. It should be noted that as long as we put the bottles of 1.5 liters or 2 liters in the appropriate internal shelves (then lying), there will be no space problems since they fit. However, if we want to put them in the compartment inside the door, in that case the bottles can enter only if tilted. Or maybe depending on the type of bottle (since they now make different sizes even if they contain the same amount of liters) could fit more bottles of 1.5 vertically.

If you have the “fear” of buying a noisy fridge, we can immediately make you overcome this “fear”, since all Klarstein PopArt mini fridge are absolutely silent. Moreover, they consume very little since they are part of the A+ energy class.
Inside the refrigerator, as mentioned at the beginning, there may be the freezer compartment (at the limit there will be an extra free shelf) but certainly will not lack the drawer for vegetables. We also point out that the shelves are adjustable. As they are adjustable even the feet of support.

There is also an internal light, while the door has anopening to the right. We must specify that the hinges are not reversible. Therefore, you can not change the opening direction of the door to adjust it to the place where the mini fridge will be placed.
Speaking of space, how big is the Klarstein Pop Art mini fridge?
The measurements are: 55 x 97 x 60 cm (width, height and depth respectively). While, specifically the interior measurements are: 44 x 75 x 42 cm.

Klarstein Pop Art Fridge: prices and why to choose it

Summarizing what has been written, why should we prefer just these mini fridge Klarstein PopArt to other models?

It’s true that aesthetic taste is very subjective, but in our opinion aesthetically we are really in front of the mini fridge really beautiful. The photos certainly do not fully render the beauty of these products of which personally, we fell in love. And attention: they are not only beautiful, they are also efficient as they perform their task of cooling very well. Allowing the end user to take advantage of an excellent capacity (108 liters) and a mini fridge that will not disturb our quiet daily life(it is not noisy at all).

So, the Klarstein PopArt are beautiful, efficient, capacious and silent, in short, what more is there to ask from a mini fridge?
“Maybe a lower price?
If this was your thought, well, we can’t blame you, but it is also true that, ouch us, beautiful and quality things should always be paid a bit more. However, if the offers are still active[discover them here] maybe you can buy one of the different versions of the Klarstein Pop Art at a lower price than the original one.

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