Klarstein Reserva Piccola: beautiful and efficient

Why settle for a dull portable fridge that doesn’t fit in at all with your home decor or the style of your hotel?
Isn’t it definitely something more elegant?

Beyond adequately cooling the wines or other beverages we’ll be placing inside, the Klarstein Reserva Piccola wine cellar is appreciated precisely for its aesthetic side. We are immediately captured by a black design absolutely elegant, enhanced by a glass door. All further embellished by the blue LED light. We also report the presence of an elegant touch control panel, a different story than those panels with unsightly buttons.
Aesthetically it is a mini fridge that does not go unnoticed. It is also ideal to be installed in bars or private rooms in hotels. In short, the Klarstein Reserva Piccola is a classy choice.

Klarstein Reserva Piccola

Klarstein Reserva Piccola

Klarstein Reserva Piccola: the horizontal or vertical version?

Let’s stay on the design front again, as the Klarstein Reserva Piccola is available in two different versions. The horizontal model, which you’ve already been able to see in two pictures, and the vertical one.
What’s the difference between these two versions?
The horizontal Klarstein Reserva Piccola boasts a single central grid that divides the interior into two shelves, where you can put up to 8 bottles of 0.75 l wine. The total volume is 25 litres and the external measurements are 41 x 27 x 50 cm (W x H x D). While the internal measurements are 34 x 18 x 32 cm.

If, on the other hand, you opt for the vertical Klarstein Reserva Piccola, then what changes is already the layout of the product, which is slimmer towards the top, measuring 26 x 47 x 51 cm (W x H x D). The internal measurements are 17.5 x 35 x 31 cm. With the vertical version you have more grids (3) for a total of 4 shelves. However, it does not change the internal volume that remains always 25 liters and we can always put only 8 bottles of wine from 0.75 liters.

So, as you could read, there are no substantial differences except from the point of view of size. Simply choose the right Klarstein mini bar fridge for you according to the space available. And if you are interested in buying or simply want to find out how much the Reserva Piccola (vertical) costs, you can click here.
Given this difference, let’s proceed with the additional features that both versions have in common:

  • Energy Class B.
  • Really silent mini wine cooler: you can install it even in your bedroom and you will be free to rest without any annoying noise disturbing your sleep.
  • Temperature range: 8 – 18°C.
  • Cable length: 1.9 m.
  • Stable: thanks to adjustable feet.
  • Weight approx. 8.4 kg.
  • Key lock function: to prevent unintentional pressing of a button and thus changing the settings.

Klarstein Reserva Small Wine Cellar: price and review

To whom we recommend the Klarstein Reserva Piccola wine cellar?

To anyone looking for a good-looking, good-quality mini fridge. Certainly the elegance is the strong point of this wine cellar, while its weak point is the energy class B. We would have liked a higher class, even just A. All in all, however, the price/quality ratio is not bad at all, in fact it is quite fair. Reason for which we recommend the purchase to those not looking for the usual and banal mini fridge, but wants something more chic.
Interested in buying?
Click here to review the price and features of the product and to check availability.

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