Klarstein Snoopy Eco: silent, elegant and ecological fridge

The title of this review on the Klarstein Snoopy Eco reads, “Perfect for home and office” and you may be asking yourself, “Why is this cooler so perfect?”
To answer that question we’d like to ask a few more. That is:
“Aren’t people at home and in the office looking for a mini fridge that consumes very little energy?”
Well, the Snoopy Eco is an A++ appliance with an estimated consumption of only 84 kWh/year. Consequently, it consumes very little. There will be no exorbitant increases in the bill and this is an economic advantage.

“Whether at home or in the office, aren’t we also looking for a stylish and not too bulky mini fridge?”

Even in this case, the Snoopy cooler satisfies us, as the design is certainly elegant, but it is also very compact in its “cubic” shape, so much so that the dimensions are 44 x 51 x 47 cm (respectively W x H x D). While the internal dimensions are 36 x 41 x 35 cm. So, we can really put a variety of drinks and food inside.
“Aren’t you looking for a quiet mini fridge at home and in the office?”
With a noise level of only 41 db, the Klarstein Snoopy Eco proves to be a quiet fridge as well.

Klarstein Snoopy: uses environmentally friendly refrigerant gas!

Another of the most positive aspects of the Klarstein Snoopy Eco is the type of gas used. Even today, some mini fridges use traditional refrigerant which isn’t very environmentally friendly, in fact it has quite an impact on the environment. Fortunately, however, today’s more modern models use R600A gas which has a much lower impact on the environment. In short, it’s a really environmentally friendly refrigerant, just what Snoopy Eco Klarstein uses.
So, so far we have seen how the Klarstein mini fridge is quiet, energy efficient, stylish, compact and environmentally friendly. Lots of benefits. And now, instead, let’s see all the other features:

  • Power supply: 200 – 240 V.
  • Internal volume of 46 liters.
  • Equipped with a small 4-liter freezer.
  • Bottom can be positioned at will: so you can divide perhaps the snacks from the cans. So we will organize the best storage of food inside the Klarstein cooler.
  • Reversible door with internal compartment for bottles.

Mini fridge Snoopy Eco Klarstein: final opinion

Why do you prefer the Klarstein Snoopy Eco to other electric mini refrigerators?

Because this cooler boasts all the essential features that an electric mini fridge suitable for use in the home, office or hotel rooms should have. So, it is absolutely silent, it won’t be a “burden” on the electricity bill and it won’t be the usual “eyesore” to our decor. In addition, in spite of the simplest coolers, it also has a 4-liter freezer compartment.
For all these reasons we absolutely recommend the purchase of the Klarstein Snoopy[find out here if it is still available], since we consider it a cooler with an excellent value for money.

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