Klarstein Springfield: small but capacious

Do you need a small refrigerator but at the same time it must be capacious?

Ok such features, but you also don’t want it to consume too much?

So, to recap: you are looking for a small, capacious and energy efficient fridge. Well, then this is the description of the Klarstein Springfield.
The dimensions are not excessive, in fact we stand on 47 x 81.5 x 48 cm (respectively W x H x D). The internal capacity is an impressive 112 litres and the space is organised with three compartments plus one for fruit and vegetables (without the compartments the internal dimensions are 38 x 54 x 26 cm).
This space can be optimised to your liking as the shelves are adjustable up to 6 levels (5 cm apart).
The inside of the door has a compartment for eggs (up to 6 pieces) and two compartments where you can also put water bottles, but note that the dimensions of the first compartment are 32 x 29.5 x 7.5 cm, those of the second are 32 x 24.5 x 7.5 cm.
So, from these measurements we can immediately see that the Klarstein Springfield is a very capacious mini fridge. Let’s also add that it is energy efficient(class A+). Consumption estimated at 109 kWh / year.

Klarstein Springfield

Klarstein Springfield

  • The Springfield refrigerator from Klarstein is a spacious, eco-friendly refrigerator with a capacity of 112 litres for refrigerating food, ideal for use in small rooms.
  • The space inside this fridge from Klarstein is effectively organised into three levels and a vegetable compartment. The door space is also well fruited with no less than two compartments for drinks, one for eggs and other food items.

Klarstein Springfield fridge: and it’s not noisy either!

We have appreciated its capacity, we have appreciated its low energy consumption and there is another “detail” that will make us love it even more: this can only be the silence factor.
How noisy is the Klarstein Springfield fridge?
The decibel level is around 39 db and this makes us understand how silent it is.
Can it be installed in the bedroom?
Absolutely yes, there would be no problem falling asleep (unless even the faintest noise is a serious disturbance to your sleep). There would only be the advantage of having a cooler in the room to take food and drink from.
What other benefits/features does the Klarstein Springfield offer?
We’ll find out below:

  • Reversible door opening: as a result, you get to choose (based on your needs) whether to have the door open to the right or left.
  • Internal fridge lighting.
  • Thermostat adjustable from 0° to 10°C.
  • Not for built-in installation.
  • Height adjustable feet.
  • Net weight about 22 kg.

Klarstein Springfield electric fridge: price and final opinion

To whom do we recommend the purchase of the Klarstein Springfield?

Who needs a mini electric fridge with a large capacity.
Why do you prefer it to other models?
Because first of all it has a really elegant design (but we must admit that this is a constancy with the Klarstein brand) and then it is also silent. A combination that can only make you happy. And if we add to these two benefits also that the mini fridge is energy efficient, well the “happiness” increases even more.
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