Klarstein Vinovista Picollo: not just elegant

Looking for an efficient mini fridge to store wine or other drinks in?

Do you want a product that is also beautiful to see? So you don’t have to relegate it to a well-hidden corner, but put it in plain sight in your living room?

Well, if you are looking for efficiency and elegance, then we can recommend the
Klarstein Vinovista Picollo. A really beautiful wine cellar and this we can immediately notice from the glass door with stainless steel components. And be careful, because to set the various controls you can take advantage of the elegant touch control panel with LCD display where you can see the internal temperature.

Klarstein Vinovista Picollo

Klarstein Vinovista Picollo

  • SPACE OFFER: The Klarstein Vinovista Picollo impresses with its capacity of a total of 24 liters and three metal inserts. It is therefore the ideal residence for bottles and cans. Of course you can put anything else in the refrigerator.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Through the freely adjustable cooling ranges between 8 and 18 degrees, the ideal temperatures are achieved for every desire. Juices, beers, cola and lemonade are therefore always fresh. The refrigerator is also suitable for wine.

Klarstein Vinovista: Manage your space as you see fit!

The Klarstein Vinovista Picollo inside is equipped with three chrome metal shelves, so we still have to repeat ourselves on the elegance of this product. Elegance that is not only “external” but also internal. But the advantage of these shelves is that you can also remove them, allowing you to put the bottles even vertically. If instead you leave the shelves in their position, then know that inside you can put up to 16 bottles of wine 75 cl horizontally. If you want to put cans, up to 16 (33cl cans) will fit.

Still remaining inside the product, we specify that there will be no problem in displaying the contents present in the mini fridge Klarstein Vinovista Picollo (beyond whether or not there is a good external lighting) since the wine cellar is equipped with LED lighting. The latter can be set through the control panel.
Having said that, let’s now read about all the other features of this Klarstein mini fridge.

  • Temperature adjustable to 8 ° C and 16 ° C: regulation that is always via the external control panel and on the display you can see the temperature.
  • Volume: 24 litres.
  • Dimensions and weight: 26 x 47 x 49,5 cm – 9,3 kg.
  • Door opening on the right: attention, the door opening cannot be modified.
  • Drip tray for condensation.
  • Energy consumption: 70 watts.
  • Noise level 41 db: so we are not faced with an annoying appliance, although in this regard we must say that the wine cellar for some may be a bit ‘noisy (but as we often say, the data on noise is very subjective).

Klarstein Vinovista Picollo wine cellar: price and final opinion

Arrived at the end of the review we have only to answer one last question, namely: why prefer the wine cellar Klarstein Vinovista Picollo and not another small fridge?
Because compared to other models the Klarstein Vinovista Picollo is really elegant and does not boast excessive dimensions. And to all this we can add the price which is in line with the quality of this product. Reason why we recommend the purchase[check here if it is still available] to those who need a mini fridge for home, shop or office.

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