Melchioni Family 118700215: 48 litre capacity

Are you looking for a mini fridge that you can use for the whole family?

Then we have the model for you. We are referring to the Melchioni Family 118700215 mini fridge, an ideal product for the whole family.
Why is it ideal for the whole family?
Because it has a capacity of 48 litres. So you can put food inside for the youngest child, a bottle of water for the oldest child, a nice refreshing drink for mum and a nice bottle of wine for dad. And so much more.
The capacity is certainly one of the strong points of the Melchioni Family 118700215 mini fridge, but as you will see later, it is not the only advantage that this product offers.

Melchioni Family 118700215

Melchioni Family 118700215

  • 50l capacity
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Temperature from 5° to 18° c
  • Without compressor
  • Energy class a

Melchioni Family: let there be light!

Without wanting to make illustrious comparisons, let’s borrow this famous phrase to describe one more quality of your Melchioni Family 118700215 mini fridge. If you too are a “night animal”, that is, you are the classic type who wakes up feeling peckish in the middle of the night and goes to the fridge in search of something to eat, then the Melchioni Family 118700215 mini fridge is just what you need.
In fact, once you open the door (which opens to the right) the light will come on and you can see the contents inside the mini fridge. If it didn’t have an internal light, you would necessarily have to turn on the room’s chandelier. This could be a big hassle, both for you and for those who may be in the same room (try to think about the hassle of turning on the bedroom light while your partner is sleeping… better not do it).
The light is not the only advantage though, here are all the others:

  • Shelf adjustable to three different heights: for a remarkable space optimization. If you don’t have enough space, no problem because, inside, the door is divided into two more shelves. In the bottom one, you can put just one large bottle, along with up to three cans. On the top shelf, up to two cans.
  • Adjustable thermostat: you can adjust the temperature.
  • Consumes only 70 watts.
  • Energy efficiency class A: thus very low energy consumption.
  • Noise level 43 db: no compressor, making it a silent mini fridge.
  • Weighs 11 kg.
  • Supporting feet.
  • Size: 48 x 42 x 52 cm.

Family Melchioni: a fridge at a good price!

Do we recommend the purchase of the small fridge Family?
We recommend the purchase of the mini fridge Melchioni for families, but also for students away from home who prefer to have a mini-bar in their room (just not to see their drinks mysteriously disappear from the common fridge). Our opinion is positive because of the good value for money. Satisfactory cooler for capacity and low consumption.

On the noise side we are at the usual standard of electric refrigerators, so we can not consider it very quiet and we can not recommend or not the use at night because this is a very subjective. Especially when it comes to small refrigerators with standard noise.
It’s no coincidence that the comments of those who already use it are divided on this subject: there are those who say that the noise is barely audible and those, instead, that it is too noisy[here you can read the opinions].
Finally, let’s add that the Melchioni Family 118700215 mini fridge can only be connected to the home socket. It is not possible to connect it to the car cigarette lighter.

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