Melchioni mini fridge: suitable for families

We turn our gaze in the direction of the company with a family spirit, Melchioni. The spirit on which many small and medium-sized businesses in Italy are based. This is the same strength that has accompanied this group for more than 50 years, and which allows them to produce and market excellent quality products, such as the Melchioni mini fridge.
The small Melchioni fridge is suitable for every situation, camping, car, home, office, hotel and depending on the capacity, it is also perfect for the whole family or for personal use. Well, at this point, we just need to find out more about this small appliance.

Prices of the best Melchioni mini refrigerators

Before discovering the characteristics of the coolers of this brand, let’s evaluate which are the best mini fridge Melchioni.
From what to evaluate the best mini fridge Melchioni?
From a single factor that more than others unites all. This factor is the best value for money. Also because, you know, it is certainly not nice to spend a lot to buy a product that does not keep what it promises, as well as it is certainly not ideal to spend little and buy a poor quality product. For these reasons the quality/price ratio becomes essential.
Below is a review on one of the best Melchioni refrigerators.

  • Melchioni Family 118700215

Melchioni mini fridge: features

The Melchioni mini fridge can be equipped with either a compressor or not. So, in case it is equipped with it, you will be able to reach a lower temperature than that of a normal small refrigerator. Moreover, these models are equipped with an adjustable thermostat, so you can decide the ideal temperature inside your Melchioni mini fridge.
The advantages and features do not end here, as the Melchioni mini fridge is equipped with a removable shelf that can be positioned at the desired height, so as to optimize the space inside your mini fridge. Easy to carry thanks to the ergonomic handle.
Some models are also equipped with an internal light and a reversible door, so you can decide which way the fridge door should open depending on your needs.

Melchioni: a bit of history

The founder of the company, Mario Melchioni, in 1947 had the great opportunity to distribute in Italy a product branded Philips, or the electric shaver Philishave.
In 1955 this company became a corporation, and it is from this date, which becomes in effect, a company not only solid, but also competitive. From here on, Melchioni manages to distribute in Italy many other Philips branded products, such as televisions, but also obtains the trust of other important companies, such as Toshiba, Mitsubishi, and many others.
Melchioni, however, is not limited to distribute the products of other companies, of which it is a partner, but at the same time manages to market its own appliances, which, as in the case of the Melchioni mini fridge, have nothing to envy to many other products of the same kind.

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