Mini fridge: all about these useful products

Would you like to have a fridge in your bedroom?
Would you like to enjoy a nice cold beer on a hot summer day, while you’re at the beach?
Of course you would, better than buying it at the beach, where they raise prices, as if we were in a post-apocalyptic period and food was becoming scarce.

Are you going camping and would like to have a cold drink, store fruit, or other food that should not be exposed to the sun?
Then you absolutely need a mini fridge. A handy little fridge that you can take on your travels because, just think, it can even be plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter. So, you can drink your beer or your thirst-quenching drink, nice and cool, rather than warm or hot.
Do youneed a safe and cold place to store medicines or cosmetics?
The mini fridge is also for you, don’t worry.

How does the mini fridge cool down?
In three different ways, which we will describe to you below:
Peltrier cell: a plate capable of removing heat from the inside of the mini fridge, so as to keep the internal temperature constant. This is the most ecological system.

  • Absorption cooling: through a hermetically sealed boiler, an ammonia solution is heated. The steam thus obtained will be liquefied in a condenser that will have the task of capturing the heat from your small refrigerator. It will be up to the condenser to throw the heat into the environment.
  • Compressor refrigeration system: A refrigerant fluid will be used to extract heat from your small refrigerator in order to cool it down. Then, thanks to the compressor, the refrigerant gas will be fed into the condenser, which will have the task of throwing the heat it has absorbed into the environment.

Having explained this, if you feel like continuing reading, you can discover the best mini fridge models and the best brands to rely on for the best choice.

The best mini fridges and offers

If you click on best mini fridges, you’ll be able to discover our selections on the mini fridges that we believe to be among the most reliable models on the market. On the other hand, if you continue reading as well as being able to analyze many other info, you can see the discounted prices of three mini fridges.

What are the parameters to take into consideration?

This is the question you need to ask yourself, especially when you don’t know much about a product. Asking yourself this question after the purchase, would be quite useless. You might have already bought an appliance that doesn’t suit your needs and, as a result, then maybe complain about it on the internet (the famous rating stars on Amazon) for the wrong reasons and without a truly objective evaluation of the product.
So, without getting lost in further details, let’s go and see what are the parameters to consider in a mini fridge.

Mini Fridge 12v

Depending on the power supply, the mini fridge may also be ideal for the car. In this case, the 12v mini fridge is more than fine to be attached to your car’s cigarette lighter. Had it been bigger, it would not be suitable. And always remember not to use your small portable fridge when the car is turned off, if not, you could say goodbye to the vehicle’s battery.

Mini fridge 220v

In this case, with a 220 volt power supply, your mini fridge also becomes ideal for your room, your kitchen and any other room, where you feel the need to have your nice little fridge. Why go to the kitchen, when you could just as well have in your bedroom, a nice mini bar fridge? Long live convenience. For once in a while, you have to spoil yourself in life.

Cooling level

The cooling level represents the ability of your small refrigerator to lower the temperature inside compared to the temperature outside. If, for example, it’s scorching hot outside and reaches 40° and your mini fridge manages to produce an internal temperature of 20°, it would then have a cooling level of -20°.

Hot/cold mini fridge

Not only do you need to cool your drinks, you also need a heating function?
No problem, just buy a dual function hot/cold mini fridge, so you can take any food with you and leave it in your mini fridge. Simply select the appropriate control and, thanks to an LED indicator, you can see whether your mini fridge is cooling or heating.

Mini fridge capacity: how many litres?

The larger the minibar, the more drinks you can put in your small fridge. So, capacity is certainly one of the most important parameters.
To help you make your choice, you can read specific articles (those listed below) so you can evaluate the recommended models based on litres.

  • 4 litre mini fridge
  • 6 litre mini fridge
  • 8 litre mini fridge
  • 16 Litre Mini Fridge
  • 30 Litre Mini Fridges

Mini fridges energy class: best from A upwards!

Don’t underestimate the savings class either, the higher it is, the lower your energy consumption will be. If you buy a small fridge for the house, it could become dangerous for your energy bill if it is always connected and if it has a low energy class. So, for guaranteed savings, it’s better to have a class A or higher.
If, on the other hand, it is a portable mini fridge that you occasionally use for the car or camper van or only when you go camping, then you could also opt for a fridge that consumes more (class B) but costs less than class A.

What is the use of the fridge?

Depending on the type of use or more so on the place where you intend to use the mini-bar, the characteristics to be paid attention to will change. And considering the various purposes, we have decided to write special articles that will help you to choose the right minibar for you according to the actual need.

  • Camping fridge.
  • Mini fridge for medicines.
  • Car fridge.
  • Mini fridge for rooms.
  • Mini fridge for hotels and b&b.
  • Office mini fridge.

Silent mini fridge

It is essential to evaluate the silence factor. Nobody likes noisy mini-fridges, especially if you have to put them in the bedroom (you don’t sleep anymore). That’s why you might want to read the article silent mini fridge where we selected some coolers that are not noisy.

Mini fridge with freezer

This is one detail that should not be underestimated when buying a mini fridge. You have to seriously consider whether to buy or not, a mini fridge with freezer. Because, depending on the model, you will be faced with a double choice: a version with only a fridge or one that also boasts a freezer compartment?
If you buy the version with a freezer, you will have less space inside your small fridge. And, perhaps, the space occupied by the freezer could be used to put in the parmigiana prepared by your mother-in-law. If you think you will never need the freezer, leave it alone and save space.
It will be faced with such a choice, for example, with the Klarstein PopArt mini fridge.

Mini fridge with compressor

What is the compressor for in your mini fridge?
We’ll explain it to you straight away. Thanks to the compressor, the mini fridge can reach lower temperatures, but it will be noisier than a small fridge without a compressor. So, if you don’t need a temperature that’s too low and you need to place your mini fridge in your bedroom, it’s better to opt for a model without a compressor.
Although, fortunately, the most modern models are made with insulating material, which reduces the noise.

Usb mini fridge

With the mini fridge Usb we can only say, that we do not miss anything. Enough, we have really come to the fruit and we also hope that this fruit has not gone bad. The convenience has now reached really unthinkable levels and the mini fridge Usb is proof. These small fridges are really tiny and can hold a can or a bottle of water.

They are ideal for those who perform jobs for which must be constantly at the computer, see the copywriters or any other office worker. Just connect, via the USB cable, your mini fridge to the computer and that’s it. Be careful though, it’s not that the mini fridge usb cools, no and again no. This little fridge allows you to keep the temperature at the level where it already is.

So, if you bring the bottle from home, taken from the fridge, thanks to your mini fridge usb you will be able to keep the temperature low, without having to drink, after two or three hours, the hot water.
Do not think to buy a nice bottle of hot orange juice, put it in your mini fridge usb and then find a nice cool drink. You can’t expect miracles in this respect.

Designer mini fridge

A purely aesthetic choice. The more charming, elegant and colourful your mini fridge is, the more it might cost a little more. Let’s think about vintage mini-fridges, for example, which for nostalgic people are products to be purchased almost at any cost and which go perfectly with living rooms furnished in an antique style.
The design of the small fridge is a choice that will be made according to the subjective taste of the buyer and according to the decor of the house. And in this regard we recommend reading the article “mini fridge design”.

Mini fridge with display case: an extra aesthetic touch

The mini fridge with display case gives an extra touch to your small fridge. Thanks to the display case, you can show the contents inside your mini fridge (especially in the case of wines). The display case will remind you of some hotels, where all the available drinks are displayed prominently in the room. Of course, the difference is that at home you can take it, or have it taken, without charging anything. In the case of hotels, even just a bottle of water costs a lot. Not even if they took water from the Everest spring.
We are sure that a tourist could easily say: “I have seen prices that you, not tourists, cannot imagine”. Paraphrasing for the occasion, the unforgettable movie “Blade Runner”.

Best mini fridge brands

Evaluating the parameters of a small refrigerator is not always and only the only thing to look at, it is essential to keep an eye on the brand, to avoid going to meet an appliance of poor quality and high energy consumption. For this, we have selected for you the best mini fridge brands.

  • Ardes
  • Bompani
  • Candy
  • Comfee
  • Dometic
  • Coleman Icebox
  • Igloo Icebox
  • Gio Style
  • Klarstein
  • Inventor
  • Melchioni
  • Mobicool
  • Severin
  • Sirge
  • Telefunken
  • Tristar

Electric Mini Fridge

Electric mini fridges are, without a shadow of a doubt, the most popular. Because they can be plugged into your home power or your car’s cigarette lighter. Of course, they’re also the ones that consume the most and, if used too much and, above all, if they’re of poor quality, they risk making you Mrs. bill a bit salty. And we all know that too much salt is bad for our bodies.

Mini gas fridge

The mini gas fridge is ideal for campers, especially the dual gas and electric models, which allow you to first keep your portable fridge attached to your car’s cigarette lighter and then, thanks to a gas supply, allow your mini fridge to continue cooling, even without a power supply.
The small gas fridge is more valuable than the electric mini fridge alone and works through absorption cooling.

Portable fridge

The portable fridge encompasses many other categories and models. The name speaks for itself, there is little to add in this case. Since, thanks to these mini fridge models, it will be possible for you to always have a cold drink available, wherever you go. A major advantage for those who travel or who, for work, spend a lot of time in the car.

Portable electric fridge

Portable models include both classic passive models, i.e. those in which you have to put the ice inside, and electric models that can be connected to the car’s cigarette lighter (and more). If you want to know more about this “sub-type” click on electric portable fridge.

Wine cellar fridge

The wine cooler is still a mini-bar but, unlike classic refrigerators, it has a more elegant appearance and is suitable for storing bottles of wine. It is no coincidence that some models boast a suffused LED light and all, instead, are equipped with a glass display case so you can see the good vintage wine that you keep inside the wine cooler.

Table fridge

You don’ t always have the space for a fridge, in environments such as offices for example, or maybe if you are a university student and live with roommates who plunder everything they find in the shared fridge, you will have no choice but to rely on the mini fridge table. This special appliance fits perfectly under a table or, however, freely on the floor. It will allow you to take advantage of all the drinks and dishes that you will put inside, all this using a very small fridge.

Mini built-in fridge

Save space. If you want a mini fridge that fits perfectly in the space left free by your furniture (for example, between one shelf and another or on top of a shelf) then all you have to do is take careful measurements and buy a mini built-in fridge. This small fridge is also ideal for offices.

Mini fridge prices

We’ve reached the end of this page and all that’s left is to tackle the last hurdle, the price.
The mini fridge doesn’ t have such a prohibitive price. Then, of course, it also depends on the features you’re looking for, but if you just want a small fridge that has the basic features to keep your food cold, then you won’t have to spend too much money.

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