Mini fridge: buying guide, prices and reviews

What if you could lean out of bed just enough to get a nice cold drink without having to go to the kitchen?
That wouldn’t be bad at all, would it?

So why don’t you make it real?

Thanks to the mini room fridge, you won’t need to go to the kitchen to get what you need to quench your thirst.
This small fridge offers the convenience of having cold drinks or food at your fingertips, just make sure you choose quality coolers. But we’ll help you with that with our buying tips and guide on the features to look out for.

Room coolers: reviews of recommended models

Below you’ll be able to see links related to the mini room coolers we suggest you buy. Clicking on each link you will visit the page on the review of the chosen product.
To facilitate your choice we have already written, for each cooler, its capacity in terms of liters.

  • Klarstein Bella Taverna (4 litres)
  • Mobicool F16 (15 litres)
  • Klarstein Manhattan (35 liters)
  • Comfee HS65LN1WH (50 litres)
  • Telefunken GN1101 (81 litres)
  • Klarstein PopArt (108 litres)

In-room mini-bar: the characteristics to evaluate

There are three main features to evaluate when choosing a room fridge. And they concern: the quietness, the presence or absence of the freezer and the internal capacity of the refrigerator.
We will analyze them all in detail in the next three sub-paragraphs.

Beware of too much noise!

It is very convenient to have a mini-bar in the room, there are no doubts about this. Be careful, however, not to turn this comfort into a nightmare by buying too noisy minibar. If this is the case, goodbye rest.
Therefore, our advice is to opt for room refrigerators that do not exceed 50 decibels.
Among the quietest models, we suggest the Candy CFO 050 E.

Room minibar with freezer: yes or no?

We all know the usefulness of a freezer, so we’re not going to repeat how important it can be. We only point out to choose well between a capacious freezer shelf (as for example has the Candy CCTOS 542XH) or a simple compartment for ice. (as for example has Ardes ar5i67).
In the first case you’ll be able to put more things inside, in the second case just cubes. And if you only need it for ice, better to go for the latter, whose compartment takes up less space than the freezer shelf.
Further information can be found in the article about mini fridge-freezers.

Pay attention to energy consumption!

Carefully evaluate this factor as well, given that models belonging to class B and above are all rather expensive in terms of electricity consumption. On the contrary, class A or higher mini fridges may cost more, but will save you money in the long run. Among the low consumption models we suggest Severin KS 9827 (class A+).

Hotel room refrigerator: keep an eye on the design!

If you have a hotel or a bed & breakfast, you can’t let your customers miss a mini bar fridge. It is often one of the most sought-after items by travelers because, rather than buying a bottle of cold water at the bar (which costs a lot), they prefer to stock up at the supermarket, and then put it in the mini fridge in the room.
Even in this case we must examine the characteristics mentioned above and to help you choose the right cooler, we invite you to read the specific article “mini fridge for hotels and b&b”.

Mini fridge for rooms: prices

A mini fridge for your room can cost a lot or a little, depending first of all on its features (freezer, energy saving class, silence, internal light, hot and cold function, etc.). However, as you can see here, most of the time these figures are “affordable”.

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