Mini fridge for boat and freezer: guide to choice

When choosing a mini cooler for a boat, it is necessary to evaluate the type of use: if you only need a cooler that keeps food and drinks cold for, perhaps, your breaks or your celebrations on the yacht, then you can safely opt for a mini cooler that only performs the cooling function.
If, however, you need a product that will keep your catch for several days, then you are no longer looking for a simple mini fridge, but a portable freezer.
This is the first turning point in choosing a boat cooler. And throughout the article, we’ll help you choose the model that’s right for you.

29 Litre Portable Boat Cooler: We Recommend the Mobicool V30

If you want a cooler that you can take with you on camping trips or maybe even use at home, then among the cheapest solutions on the market is the Mobicool V30. Since it is a model that is powered by both 12 Volts and 220 Volts. It is a thermoelectric cooler and can cool down to -18 ° C compared to room temperature.
Well the capacity, since the internal volume of 29 liters allows us to put up to 6 bottles of 2 liters standing. To find out even more click on Mobicool V30.

Portable 38 litre hybrid fridge: we recommend the Mobicool B40 AC/DC

Here again we are faced with a mini fridge with dual power supply, both 12 and 220 volts. But what differentiates it from the previous model is the dual technology: thermoelectric at 12 Volts and compressor if used attached to a normal household electrical outlet. Thanks to this connection, the cooler is also able to freeze.
And if you want to find out more about this product, click on Mobicool B40 AC DC.

51 litre portable icebox for fishermen and non-fishermen: we recommend the Igloo Marine 54 QT

If you’re a fisherman and you’re looking for a cooler to put your catch in, then you’re certainly looking for (specifically) an icebox. And among the medium capacity models, we recommend the Igloo Marine 54 QT.
Why this model?
Because thanks to excellent insulation (no electrical connection is required, given that it is a passive model), it keeps the ice inside for up to 4 days. Excellent, therefore, for fishermen.
And if you want to know more click on Igloo Marine 54 QT.

Portable 66 litre freezer for fishermen and non fishermen: we recommend the Xtreme Marine 70 QT.

Compared to the previous passive freezer, the Coleman Xtreme Marine 70 QT is appreciated for its greater capacity, a good 66 litres.
As we are used to from Coleman, we are dealing with a product with excellent insulating capacity. In fact, it can keep ice for up to 5 days, because the loss of cooling has been reduced both on the lid and on the bottom of the cooler. In addition, the best insulator is used, namely polyurethane.
For fishermen it is an exceptional choice. And if you want to find out price and more features click on Xtreme Marine 70 QT.

Portable 91-litre cooler for fishermen and non-fishermen: we recommend the Xtreme 100 QT

Thanks to its capacity of 91 litres, the Coleman Xtreme 100 QT can hold up to 130 0.33 litre cans. Obviously, this is an indication of how capacious it is. Inside, the fisherman can decide to put his catch, the holidaymaker can put everything he needs to enjoy a well-deserved holiday without having to worry that the “supply of freshness” might become hot. Yes, also because the ice is kept for up to 5 days.
Intrigued by this freezer from Coleman?
Then click on Xtreme 100 QT to find out the price and further features.

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