Mini fridge for hotels and b&b: buying guide

Are you the owner of a hotel or a b&b and you want to offer your guests more than satisfactory room services?

Among the most requested room services and sometimes too much underestimated by hotel managers, there is the mini fridge. When we travel, we are the first ones to feel the need to have a cooler in the room, so we can put our bottles of water (and not only) inside it. This is also to avoid having to buy new cold drinks and be spiked by the vendors on duty in the summer who sell cold drinks at really outrageous prices.
That’s why in this article we’ll recommend some excellent mini fridge for hotels and b&b and we’ll help you choose the right model.

Mini fridge for b&b and hotels: guide to choice and buying advice

As guests and not as managers we have already said how useful we think it is to have a mini fridge in the room. Not only for an economic reason (buying bottles at the supermarket and then put them in the cooler is definitely cheaper than buying them at the bar), but also for a matter of convenience (we could put inside food or medicines).
Therefore, as a manager, you should guarantee this extra comfort. But it’s not enough to just buy any mini fridge, you also have to consider other aspects when choosing.

Only quiet mini fridges!

The task of a hotelier is also to make his guest rest well, so it is necessary that the mini fridge in the room is not noisy. If not, you’ll end up with a bad review even if the guest found the rest perfect. If you take away your guest’s ability to rest quietly on holiday, unfortunately you can’t expect 100% positive reviews.
That’s why you should only opt for quiet mini fridges, such as the Klarstein Hea Mks 50.

How big does the mini fridge have to be?

The capacity of the mini fridge is another crucial aspect because it must allow you to fit at least one 1.5-litre bottle inside. It doesn’t matter if it’s upright or lying down, the important thing is that it fits. Not everyone buys cans or, in any case, half-litre drinks, there are also those who (depending on the number of days) buy an entire 1.5-litre pack and you must ensure that these guests can fit at least one or two bottles inside the fridge.
From our personal experience we can tell you that we never give up a 1.5 litre bottle to put in the mini fridge so that it is cold when we return to the room.

The mini fridge should not be in the way!

It’s OK to put the mini fridge in the room, but be careful: it must not get in the way. The guest must not find himself with the cooler in the way. If the room is small, it is necessary not to take up additional space and, perhaps, opt for the built-in mini fridge. On the contrary, if there is space, you can aim for floor standing models, as long as they are positioned at the sides of the room.

Match it to the design of the room!

Don’t buy the first cooler that comes your way just because it’s cheap and maybe even on sale. Guests also pay a lot of attention to the design of the room. Buying a modern looking mini fridge when the room is decorated in a vintage style will not make your guests happy. In some cases, since the look of the room is also evaluated, you might get a minus point. And since we’re talking about aesthetics, you might want to read our article on designer mini fridges.

Mini fridges for hotels: prices

After reading our guide and traveler’s tips on choosing mini fridges for hotels and B&Bs, we now invite you to discover this offer. By the way, by visiting the destination site, you can evaluate further mini fridges for your hotel or b&b.

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