Mini fridge for medicines: buying guide and recommended models

Mini fridges are not only useful for storing drinks and food inside, but they are equally useful for storing medicines. Depending also on the scope of use, not only the appropriate design but also the physical structure of the product changes. And to help you choose the ideal mini medicine fridge, we’ve selected some great deals, the best models, and paid attention to some features to consider before buying.

Best mini fridge for medicines

In the next two sub-sections we will point out those that for us represent the 2 best choices. We always remember that these are personal judgments and, therefore, you should always evaluate whether the mini fridge in question really have everything you need to fulfill the task for which they will be used.
For each product in addition to finding out the features, you can also find out the price.

Best mini fridge for insulin: SDO-C2-BOX

The first mini fridge we recommend is specific for insulin. In fact, it already boasts a physical structure definitely different and even more mini compared to the typical one of a portable fridge.
The peculiarity of the SDO-C2-BOX is the possibility to power it with more sources: battery, with connection to the car cigarette lighter and with connection to a classic socket at home or elsewhere.

The mini size of the fridge allows you to easily carry it while traveling(it weighs less than a kilo), so in the event that in the hotel, for example, there is no special mini fridge, well you won’t miss it because you already have yours.
Comfortable the lcd display where we can see the temperature of refrigeration (which of course we can set) and where we can also see the remaining battery charge.
And if you want to find out the price of this mini insulin fridge and also the comments of those who have already bought it, you can click here.

Best professional portable mini fridge for medicines: Warmer TGDY 151-163

Among the professional portable models, we were fully convinced by the mini fridge by Warmer TGDy for some important aspects: the excellent cooling capacity that ensures the preservation of medicines even if outside there are quite high temperatures and the quietness (put it wherever you like, it certainly won’t disturb).
In addition, this 12-litre mini fridge can be used both by connecting it to the electrical socket at home or perhaps at the pharmacy and by plugging it into the car’s cigarette lighter. And if you want to find out price and further features, just click here.

Portable mini fridge for insulin pens: prices and differences compared to thermal cases

Compared to the mini fridge for medicines, the ones for insulin pens are quite different because they are smaller and, usually, they are used only to carry insulin. For this reason we decided to dedicate a special paragraph to them and not to treat them in the same way as the classic medication coolers (whose characteristics to be taken into consideration will be discussed later).
Above we have indicated what we think is the best portable mini fridge for insulin, but on the market it’s possible to choose also cheaper products, the thermal cases.

Thermal cases cost less[see prices here] because they have a lower refrigeration capacity. Therefore, you often need to put popsicles inside but this may not be enough. For example: for a long trip in summer it is absolutely not recommended to use the cooler bag only with popsicles or other coolers, but you should put such a case in a mini fridge. And with this we certainly gave the idea of the clear difference between a thermal case for insulin and a portable fridge for insulin.

Mini insulin coolers cost more[as you can check here] but they definitely make us feel more comfortable throughout the trip, all the more so when we opt for models that also plug into the car’s cigarette lighter.

Mini fridge for medicines: which one to choose?

Are you undecided in choosing the right mini fridge for medicines for you?

Not sure what features to look out for?

Then, reading the remaining sub-sections will help you since we will focus on the characteristics to be taken into account before the purchase.

Do you need a mini fridge to keep fixed in one place?

In this case, this is the easiest choice because you can simply opt for any mini fridge that has a good cooling capacity.
If the appliance serves, perhaps, for use in the pharmacy and is not visible to the eyes of customers, well then you can also opt for a model that is not exactly elegant. Otherwise, it’s better to opt for refrigerators with display cases, which are certainly more elegant and also help pharmacists to immediately identify where a particular medicine is.
Mini wine coolers with display cases are often called wine cellars, but don’t let the name fool you, they are also suitable products for medicines.

Do you need a mini fridge that you can carry with you at all times?

Then you can’t help but opt for those models that boast multiple power sources. Or at least there must be a 12V electrical connection. So you can connect the mini fridge even when you’re in the car. Even better if there is also a 220/230 Volt connection.
In addition to this feature, consider the ability to maintain the temperature (we will come back to this topic later) when the product is not connected to either power source.
In any case, unless you are in a very hot environment and expose the same container to the sun for a long time, most portable mini fridges manage to keep the internal temperature cool for several hours.

Double temperature mini fridge or buying two coolers?

For those who don’t know, the dual temperature mini fridge allows you to store medications that need a different refrigeration temperature.
Usually pharmacists have these needs, a private individual will hardly need such a product. In any case, even pharmacists are not obliged to buy a double-temperature mini fridge, as it is possible to purchase two mini fridges at a single temperature. We say this because according to the models, the purchase of two mini fridges for “classic” medicines is less than the purchase of a single mini fridge with double temperature. With the added advantage of having a larger capacity.
So, our personal opinion, is to buy two single temperature coolers.

Always evaluate the resistance to external temperatures!

Among the main parameters to pay attention to in every mini fridge is the degree of conservation. The product you are going to buy must guarantee the ideal temperature for the medicines you intend to store inside. Therefore, if, for example, a medicine requires a temperature of 5°C, evaluate the capacity of the refrigerator to maintain this temperature.

Attention: often is given as an indication, for example, -15 ° compared to room temperature. Very good, but evaluate if the external temperature range is also indicated. If not, it is very likely that at very high temperatures (above 35°) the cooler will not be able to guarantee this capacity.

Fortunately, some models also indicate the external temperature range, for example we can find the words: “-15° with respect to the ambient temperature (32°C)”. In this case, it is clearly stated that at temperatures above 32° there will be a lower refrigeration capacity, so you should take care not to expose the mini fridge to too much sunlight and move it as soon as possible to a more sheltered area where it is less hot. In order to avoid not storing the medicines properly.

Even better if the product has an LCD display that immediately informs you of the internal temperature. In this case, before “venturing” out with our medicines, we recommend checking whether the data shown on the screen is really true.

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