Mini fridge OneConcept: they like it aesthetically too

The OneConcept mini fridge is clearly distinguished from other brands’ products by its cute 50s design. As you can see from the photo to the left, the design jumps out at you right away. Everything can be said about these little fridges except that they aren’t cute. And in person, they look even cuter. And as you can always see from the picture, they’re easy to carry because they boast a top folding handle. Which from a certain point of view makes them look like trolleys (except that the OneConcept mini fridge doesn’t have wheels).
Intrigued by these small refrigerators?
Then, we invite you to discover prices, models and features by reading our article.

OneConcept mini fridge: prices of the best models

There are OneConcept mini fridges on the market that are very similar to each other in design. They differ especially for the capacity and in the table below we have selected three of them. Of which: 2 are exactly identical (except for the different color) while one of them is just smaller than the other two.

OneConcept portable fridge: the features

Beyond the design of OneConcept mini fridges that we particularly liked, among the advantageous features of these small coolers is the aspect of portability. Intended not only as ease of transport thanks to the top handle, but the possibility of being able to take the refrigerator with you for picnics outdoors. There is no risk of the contents inside getting hot, because during the car journey you only have to connect the fridge to the 12 Volt socket.
And there is no problem even if you want to use it indoors, as it can also be connected to a 230 volt socket. Both cables are already provided in the purchase package.

Another special feature of the OneConcept mini fridge is that you can also put food to be heated inside. Of course, we should not expect the same speed and performance of an oven. We are still talking about a mini portable electric fridge, so it heats in a manner consistent with its capabilities, taking a little ‘time. Among the hot-cold models we recommend this one.

Satisfied also under the point of view of energy saving, since we are dealing with appliances of class A +. Inside you’ll find a shelf that you can remove so that you can fit 1.5 litre water bottles by putting them in an upright position. And there is also an additional compartment on the inside of the door.
On the noise front, we can’t say that it’s super quiet, we can’t say that. But the noise emitted, in our opinion, is not at all annoying.

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