Mini fridge over 100 litres: our selected models

In this article we will point out the mini coolers over 100 liters that have impressed us the most and that, in our opinion, boast excellent value for money. You can also read a review of some models, but in any case you can always find out the price of each cooler. And even before that, you can check out some deals on small fridges over 100 litres.

Vintage 108-litre mini fridge: we recommend the Klarstein PopArt

The 108-litre Klarstein PopArt mini fridge will win you over with its vintage 90s design. The cooler is available in different colors and the difference between one model and another is not only about the color, but also about the freezer. In some models there is, in others not. And in our exact Klarstein PopArt article we talk about this difference. This also makes us realize that exactly we are dealing with a line of coolers and not a single product.
To make your choice even easier, we point out that among the PopArt mini fridge without freezer there is the red model[discover here], instead among those with freezer there is the PopArt Blue[discover here].

Energy efficient 110 litre mini fridge: we recommend the PremierTech PT-F110

The PremierTech PT-F110 is not as nice as the Klarstein PopArt (or, at least, this is our personal opinion) but it is slightly larger (110 liters, of which 17 are in the freezer compartment) and consumes less energy. In fact, if before we were faced with a line of class A+ refrigerators, this time the class is higher and it is the A++. Model that we also appreciated because it is not noisy at all and if you want to find out the price and the opinions of those who have already purchased the PremierTech PT-F110, you can click on this link.

112 litre mini fridge: we recommend the Klarstein Springfield

So far we have described mini fridges of over 100 litres that also have a freezer compartment (in the case of the PopArt, only some models in the line). This time, however, we want to tell you about the Klarstein Springfield, which has no freezer compartment. As a result, you have all the interior space available to put food from the fridge. Springfield that, therefore, becomes the ideal choice for those who have no interest in having a freezer.
Small refrigerator with compact dimensions, elegant appearance and silent operation. These are just some of its features, if you want to know more (and also evaluate the price) click on Klarstein Springfield (you will be redirected to the page on our detailed review).

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