Mini fridge: prices, reviews and how to save money

On what factors does the cost of a mini fridge depend?
Which are the cheapest mini fridges? These are the topics we will discuss in the course of the article. To answer the first question, we will evaluate those features that increase the cost of the mini fridge. Instead, to answer the second question, you’ll be able to read the reviews of cheap mini fridges that we recommend to buy and of which you can also know the price.

Cheap mini fridge: reviews of recommended models

Let’s continue now with the links to the reviews of some cheap mini fridges. The links can be found in the list below (choose the “review” that best suits you, also based on the capacity).

  • Mobicool T08 DC (8 litres capacity, ideal for the car).
  • Klarstein Bella Taverna (4 litre capacity).
  • Ardes AR5I04 (capacity of 4 litres)
  • Ardes ARTK44A (capacity of 6 litres)
  • Mobicool F16 (capacity of 15 litres)
  • Severin KB 2922 (20 litre portable fridge)
  • Giostyle Bravo 25 (line of economical passive and electric refrigerators)
  • Mobicool V30 (29 litre portable fridge)
  • Melchioni Family 118700215 (48 litres capacity)

Mini fridge cost: let’s evaluate it

Well, we are ready to start making this comparison. We’ll list the due features of a mini fridge and see how the price varies depending on whether they are present or not.
: it costs more!
Exactly, if you wish to have a freezer, be prepared to spend a little more, compared to a model that is without it. Of course we’re not talking about unreachable amounts, as you can very well see from this offer (if still valid).

Mini fridge with compressor: it costs more!
The compressor allows you to reach very low temperatures, so an extra utility that you pay with an additional outlay of money. Even in this case, however, we must specify that we are not talking about figures far too high.

Capacity: the more litres it can hold, the more it costs!
A 4-litre mini fridge will not cost as much as a 20-litre mini fridge, for example. Unless the small fridge has other superior features, but we are only talking in general terms at the moment. If not, we would just be confusing and just going into the specifics of each individual model.

The higher the cooling level, the more it costs!

The level of cooling is the ability of your mini fridge, once disconnected from the car cigarette lighter or from the socket at home, to continue to keep cold the food inside. The higher its resistance to the outside environment, the higher the cost.

Height adjustable feet, higher cost!

Small refrigerators all have, for better or worse, feet. The only difference is whether they can be adjusted in height for greater comfort. If so… well, you’ve already figured it out for yourself.

Reversible door? Costs more!

The possibility of being able to mount the door of your mini fridge in the direction you want (so, if you want it to open to the right rather than to the left) will lead to a higher valuation of the small appliance and, consequently, to a greater outlay of money.

The less it consumes, the more it costs!

Unfortunately this is the case, if you want it to consume less, you have to spend more. Class A costs more than class B. The A++ saving class is the one that saves in terms of electricity, but the one that makes you spend more at the time of purchase.

Dual function hot-cold: costs more!

If you want your mini fridge to be able to heat food as well, you’ll need to choose a model with this double advantage, which will inevitably increase the cost of your small fridge slightly.

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