Mini fridge with compressor: the extra advantages and recommended models

The mini refrigerators with compressor belong to the category of the most powerful refrigerators. Compared to thermoelectric models, the presence of the compressor allows better cooling, In fact, they are also suitable for freezing. And, therefore, this means that they can reach lower temperatures than models equipped with a Peltier cell.

However, this advantage can become a disadvantage in terms of noise. Fortunately, however, today the top companies in the industry are increasingly specializing in products that don’t annoy, to the point that you can install a mini fridge with compressor even in your bedroom.
In the continuation of our article we will point out what we believe to be some of the best compressor coolers on the market. You can find out the price of these models by clicking on the appropriate links.

Portable 26 liter fridge/freezer with compressor: we recommend Dometic CFX 28

The Dometic Coolfreeze CFX 28 is one of the most innovative refrigerators on the market, because thanks to the combination of CFX technology and turbo function can quickly cool the food you put inside. In fact, all you have to do is select the desired temperature and, after a while, if the same is not reached, the refrigerator activates the turbo. So the desired cooling is achieved in no time at all.
A truly superlative product(it cools down to -22 degrees, so it’s also a freezer) and we invite you to discover everything about it by clicking on Dometic CFX 28.

Portable 38 liter fridge/freezer with compressor: we recommend Dometic CFX40W

The innovations that we have read in the Dometic CFX28 fridge are also found in the Coolfreeze CFX40 portable fridge. As a result, this is also an innovative cooler that can also be used as a freezer. Certainly we recommend it, compared to the model described above, for those who want a larger capacity(38 liters).
Mini fridge Dometic that we invite you to discover entirely (both features and price) by clicking on Coolfreeze CFX40W.

Portable fridge/freezer with 31 litre compressor: we recommend Mobicool FR34

The Mobicool FR34 is so powerful (it has a silent turbocharger) that it can not only cool, but also keep food frozen. This is because it can be regulated from -10°C to 10°C. The cooler can be connected either to the cigarette lighter of your car (therefore suitable for 12 volt sockets) or to your home network (also suitable for 230 volt sockets).
And, as we made clear earlier, despite having a compressor it is not a noisy mini fridge at all. And if you want to know more, we invite you to click on Mobicool FR34.

Stationary mini fridge with 42 litre compressor: we recommend the Severin KS 9838

If you’re not looking for a portable fridge, but rather a stationary model, then we recommend the Severin KS 9838.
Why this compressor mini fridge?
Because it’s not noisy, has a nice, compact design and is also economical(energy class A++). The 42 litres of capacity are not just for the fridge, as there are 6 litres in the freezer compartment.
You can read the full review of this cooler by clicking on Severin KS-9838.

Stationary mini fridge with 110 litres compressor: we recommend the PremierTech PT-F110

If you’re looking for a very capacious compressor mini fridge, well the 110 litre (total) capacity of the PremierTech PT-F110 is certainly satisfying. This cooler boasts two shelves for storing bottles or food, a compartment for fruit and vegetables and a freezer compartment (with an impressive 17 litres).
Product that has also convinced us for its silence and low consumption (it is a small appliance of class A++). And if you want to find out how much it costs, click here.

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