Mini fridge with display case: the recommended models

Mini refrigerators with display cases are definitely among the most beautiful ones on the market, as the very glass front gives the cooler an extra touch of elegance. What’s more, it’s also useful. Yes, because it allows us to immediately know what’s inside. So, if perhaps a bottle of white wine is missing, well, we can take action and put it inside without having to make this discovery too late.
And if you are interested in mini fridges with display cases but you don’t know which one is right for you, well, stay with us because, a little later, we will be able to recommend some models.

Small 17 litre fridge with display cabinet: we recommend the Klarstein Winehouse

If you’re looking for a mini fridge that isn’t too large, then the 17-litre Klarstein Winehouse model is for you. This cooler allows you to fit up to 10 half-liter cans or bottles of water inside and is also great for use in b&b rooms. We say this because the mini fridge is silent. In addition, we point out that the internal temperature is adjustable from 8 to 18 degrees and that the cooler does not consume as much(energy saving class A++).
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Mini fridge with 25 litre display cabinet: we recommend the Reserva Piccola

The Klarstein Reserva Piccola has an even more intriguing design, due to the blue LED light. In addition, it has a touch control panel that does not alter in any way the beauty of the cooler. What happens instead with other products that have panels with digital or even analog controls really horrible.
Inside you can put up to 8 75 cl bottles of wine.
And if you want to know everything about this mini fridge with display case, you can click on Klarstein Reserva Piccola.

Mini fridge with display case with double refrigeration: we recommend the Klarstein Reserva Saloon

The Klarstein Reserva Sal oon surprises not only aesthetically (here Klarstein, in our opinion, has outdone itself in design).
The total 40 liter fridge is divided into two independent sections, which means that in one section you can put maybe wine bottles and cool them down to a certain temperature. While, in the other you can put maybe water and set a different temperature.
We almost forgot: aesthetically the Klarstein is even more beautiful than other models because it does not boast metal or plastic shelves, but in wood. Click on Klarstein Reserva Saloon and find out how beautiful this mini fridge with display case is (you can also find out how much it costs).

48-litre mini fridge with display case: we recommend the Klarstein Barolo

The Klarstein Barolo has a capacity of 48 litres. That means you can fit 16 bottles of 0.75-litre wine inside. This model by Klarstein (always mentioned in this article as a brand that offers design products) is also really nice.
The compact and elegant look of the fridge is enhanced by the blue LED light. And we can also point out how it is not a noisy cooler(decibel level 43).
Would you like to find out the design, price and other features of this mini fridge with display cabinet? <
Then click on Klarstein Barolo.

60 litre mini fridge with display case: we recommend the Klarstein Beersafe XL Onyx

If you want a mini fridge with a really large display case, then we recommend the Klarstein Beersafe XL Onyx because it has an internal volume of 60 liters.
The grids can be removed or positioned at 6 different heights, which also facilitates the storage of 2-liter bottles. Included with the purchase of the cooler Klarstein also the rack for champagne. But this is just one of the accessories included, click on Beersafe XL Onyx and find out everything about this product.

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