Mini fridge with freezer: buying advice

Not every dish can stay well stored in the mini fridge. Sometimes you need an extra “piece”. That is, there is the absolute necessity of the freezer. But luckily, there will no longer be this little problem, thanks to the mini fridge with freezer. So, you won’t just have to limit yourself to drinks or other fridge foods, you can also put in different foods, like ice cream or maybe just ice cubes. In fact, some coolers don’t have an actual frozen food section, just a small compartment for ice cubes.

Best mini fridge with freezer

After the offers, we move on to our buying recommendations concerning three models equipped with: ice-only compartment, 5-liter freezer and 13-liter freezer, respectively. So, quite different coolers of which you can find out more in the next sub-sections.

Best mini fridge with ice-only freezer compartment

As also specified above, models with a mini freezer compartment are suitable for putting inside it only ice. So you can put a few cubes in your drink, for example. And among the best models we point out Ardes ar5i67 that boasts a refrigerator capacity of 67 liters. Class A+ refrigerator.

Best 5 litre mini fridge freezer

The Severin KS 9827 is another A+ class electric mini fridge and unlike the previous one it boasts a 5 litre freezer shelf. So, it is not only suitable for ice cubes. While the fridge section has a capacity of 42 litres and there are removable grilles inside so you can optimise your space. And for more you can click on Severin kS-9827 for the full review.

Best 13 Litre Mini Fridge Freezer

We are referring in this case to the Klarstein PopArt commercial line that makes mini refrigerators of undisputed beauty. Being a line not all coolers are equal, in fact only some of them boast the freezer department(13 liters). Specifically we refer to the cream color[this one].
To learn more about this product line you can click on Klarstein Pop Art.

Mini fridge with freezer: prices

Beyond the model chosen, the mini fridge with freezer costs more than a normal small fridge. Therefore, this will affect the final expense to be incurred.
Remember that a single cooler can also have two different versions: one with a freezer and one without (as in the case of the Klarstein Pop Art). Consequently, you will have to evaluate well the need of the freezer against a new shelf where to put food and drinks from the fridge. To avoid regretting the choice made only after the purchase

Mini fridge with freezer: the types

Let’s now discover some types of mini fridge and what differentiates them from one another. We have considered the types that can be equipped with a freezer even though, in any case, these products have many points in common. Just to give you an example: a built-in mini fridge can also be portable (the same goes for table-top fridges).

  • Portable mini fridge: the name says it all. Carrying the small fridge with you is a major advantage and a great utility. Thanks to the dual 12 v/24 v and 220 v/230 v sockets , you can connect your cooler either to your car’s cigarette lighter or to your home socket. So wherever you go, your drinks will always be cool.
  • Mini built-in fridge: don’t have room to store your fridge? Are you sure you don’t have a free space between shelves? If you do, you just solved all the problems. The built-in mini fridge can be placed inside the cabinet of your kitchen or any other room. All you have to do is take the right measurements, and then it’s a piece of cake to place your built-in fridge.
  • Mini Table Fridge: On the surface, there’s nothing different between a portable mini fridge and a table-top fridge, but if you want to find the detail, they don’t allow you to connect to the car’s cigarette lighter. So they are less portable in this respect.

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