Mini Master fridge: discover costs and models

Master’s mini fridges are appreciated not only for their beautiful design (with the possibility of choosing between vintage and more modern models), but also for their low consumption.
This is just a first taste of the characteristics of the mini fridges of this brand, in the next paragraphs we will better focus on the other positive aspects and you can also view the available models and prices.

Master mini fridge: prices of the best models

Let’s continue our article showing you in the table below what we believe to be the best mini fridge Master. Immediately visible their price, while to learn more about the characteristics (but also on the availability of products in stock) just click on the links “Discover the offer” (you will be directed to the appropriate site where to proceed, eventually, the purchase of the product).

Small fridge Master: the characteristics

As you can see from the selections above, the Master mini fridges boast a really nice look. Among other things, the difference we mentioned at the beginning of the article is very clear, i.e. the difference between vintage-looking and modern-looking fridges.
Of course, depending on the fridge chosen, “details” such as the capacity and the presence of a freezer compartment will also change. In this regard, consider whether this compartment is dedicated only to ice (as in the case of the Master Cube 55 that you can discover here) or not.
From an energy point of view, these are low consumption products. For example, the Master Class 90[discover it here] is an A+ class model.

Can they also be used in the bedroom?

A lot depends on whether or not it is a model with a compressor (these are the noisiest types) and, if so, your sensitivity to noise comes into play. If even the slightest nocturnal buzzing noise bothers you, then you certainly won’t be able to stand the fridge at night. So, it is the case that the installation of the product should take place in another room.
However, we would like to point out that the noise level of the Master mini fridges is around 40 db. This is certainly not too high a parameter considering that on the market there are much noisier products with a level higher than 60 db.

Useful is the possibility to use the internal light, so at night (in the case of the classic “night pangs”) you will not have to turn on the chandelier of the room to see the contents inside the fridge. Just open the door and the internal light will come on.

Master mini fridge: final opinion

Our final opinion on the Master mini fridges is positive because we believe that the prices of these products (especially for what concerns the models you can see in the table above) are not disproportionate to the value of the products. They are not too noisy mini-fridges despite being equipped with a compressor, aesthetically they are really nice (especially the Class 9) and fully perform their task.

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