Mobicool B40 AC/DC: it’s not just a mini fridge

Need a powerful portable mini fridge?

A product that can not only cool but also freeze?

Perfect for camping?

Here is the Mobicool B40 AC/DC. Electric mini fridge that has pleasantly surprised us in terms of power and capacity. Let’s talk about the first aspect right away. The refrigeration capacity can be adjusted up to 7 levels and by opting for the maximum power you can freeze the food inside, since it reaches a temperature of -15°C. For normal fridge operation, we recommend using it at level 3.

Mobicool B40 Ac/Dc

Mobicool B40 Ac/Dc

  • Hybrid refrigerator with 12v (thermoelectric technology) and 220v (compressor technology) power supply.
  • Internal volume about 38 litres, thermoelectric power supply 12 v, compressor 230 v
  • Maintenance-free, fully hermetic cooling system, reinforced insulation, steel body painted blue

Mobicool Hybrid B40 AC/DC: for car/camper and home!

Another of the positive features of the Mobicool B40 electric mini fridge is its “hybrid” nature. This means that it can be powered by both 12 Volts (thanks to thermoelectric technology) and 220 Volts (compressor). Therefore, you will have a double opportunity to use it. Of course, depending on the power source, the performance also changes, as -15°C is only reached when connected to the 220 Volt power supply. With a 12-volt power supply it is possible to reach 20°C lower than the outside temperature.

As mentioned at the beginning of this review, there is another aspect that has impressed us. It concerns the capacity. The fridge has a volume of 38 liters and we will be able to put inside even 15 bottles of 1.5 liters. And thanks to the double reinforced insulation and the magnetic closure the cold is guaranteed to stay cold for a long time.
And what other features does the Mobicool B40 AC/DC mini fridge have?
Let’s find out below:

  • Robust and compact design: the body is made of steel with polypropylene coating, while its dimensions are 510 x 450 x 520 mm (D x H x W).
  • Weight 20.50 kg.
  • Noise level 46 db: we are at a rather low noise level, especially considering the standards of some mini electric refrigerators. Consequently we can define the Mobicool B40 a silent mini fridge.
  • Average energy consumption: estimated at 0.27 kwh/24h.
  • Carrying handles.

Mobicool B40 mini fridge: price and final opinion

Why should I choose the Mobicool B40 AC DC portable mini fridge ?

Because it is a powerful electric mini fridge that can also freeze the food you will put inside. It ensures that your food and drinks stay fresh for a long time thanks to its excellent thermal insulation, and it can be used at home as well as in your caravan, car or boat.
So, if you’re looking for a really powerful mini fridge that can also freeze, the Mobicool B40 AC DC is right for you. And if you’re interested in buying this model from the well-known Mobicool brand, you can review how much it costs here and see if it’s still available.

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