Mobicool f15: the mini fridge with double benefits

Are you looking for a great looking mini electric fridge?

One that can be used to both heat and cool food?

Can it be connected to both a 12 Volt and a 230 Volt socket?

You know that the Mobicool f15 mini fridge answers all these questions more than positively. Read our review and you can find out all the advantages offered by this small and beautiful fridge.

Mobicool F15

Mobicool F15

  • Thermoelectric portable fridge, approx. 14 litres, 12v , 230v, blue

Mobicool f15 mini fridge: home or car? Cold or warm? Why not both?

Some mini fridges only allow a 12 Volt or 230 Volt connection, and this becomes a disadvantage. Just think that, once disconnected from the power supply at home, you no longer have any way to “protect” the freshness of the food inside the fridge. If you’d like to take your baby’s yogurt with you, well, you certainly can’t rely on a 230 Volt fridge alone. You would be forced to buy an additional cooler with a 12-volt connection. In this case you don’t need to do any double spending, because the Mobicools supportsboth connections.

And what amazes us even more is that it is not only suitable for cooling, but also for heating. Thus, it boasts a double utility. The heating capacity is up to 65°C, while the cooling capacity is up to 18°C.
And now let’s find out all the other features of the Mobicool f15 mini fridge.

  • Internal capacity: 14 liters.
  • Type of fridge: portable thermoelectric.
  • Lightweight: the Mobicool mini fridge weighs 5.9 kg (when empty, of course) and is easy to carry thanks to the practical retractable top handle.
  • Compact design: even from the picture above you can see that the Mobicool f15 is a very compact product and specifically the measures are 435 x 285 x 355 mm (respectively height, length and width).
  • It is suitable for soft drinks and water bottles: however, it does not fit 1.5 lt or 2 lt bottles. Depending on the size and shape of the bottle, a 1 litre bottle may fit.

Mobicool F 15 portable fridge: price and final opinion

Why do you prefer the Mobicool f15 fridge to other models with a capacity of 14 liters?

For three reasons.
The first one concerns the dual utility, since the Mobicool F 15 can be used for both cooling and heating. And not all models guarantee this.
The second reason concerns the possibility of using it both with a 230 Volt electrical connection and with a 12 Volt connection. So here again we have a double advantage.
The third reason, which is very subjective, is the design. We like the Mobicool f15 very much aesthetically. We consider it a more particular fridge compared to others that all seem to be made with the same “mould”.

For these reasons we consider the Mobicool f15 a good purchase also because the final cost is quite fair. We are not faced with a small refrigerator that costs more than it is worth and if you are interested in buying click here to find out if the product is still available.

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