Mobicool F16: fixed fridge but not the opening

Need a mini fridge for your room or office?
The Mobicool F16 is perfect for you. Please note that this is not a portable cooler, so you will not be able to plug it into the cigarette lighter socket of your car. Only and exclusively to a power outlet in the house.
A purchase recommended only and exclusively to those who are looking for a fixed refrigerator. Ideal for every room also because the door is reversible, as we will deepen in the next paragraph.

Mobicool F16 Minifrigo, Blu

Mobicool F16 Minifridge, Blue

  • Thermoelectric fridge capable of cooling down to a maximum of 20°C less than room temperature
  • Internal volume 14 liters
  • 230V power supply
  • Internal shelf is removable
  • Suitable for use at home, in the office or in the bedroom

Mobicool F16 mini fridge: the door is reversible!

Have you ever, for reasons of space, found yourself with an appliance that you can’t open completely because the door bumps into a certain surface?
How many times, after hearing the umpteenth thud between the door and a shelf, have you thought about how perfect it would be if the door could also be mounted in reverse?
Well, with your Mobicool F16 mini fridge this will be possible. We are talking about a door equipped with reversible hinges, which means that, if the opening on the right of your table fridge doesn’t suit you, you can change it and decide for an opening on the left, so you can really place it wherever you want.
Would you like to put the mini fridge next to your bed? And, to prevent the door from banging against the wooden board, you need an opening on the left?
This will be possible from now on by purchasing Mobicool F16.
Here are the many other advantages:

  • 14 litre capacity: approximately more than 6 half-litre water bottles fit inside (in the lower compartment), while three cans (also large ones) fit in the upper compartment.
  • Removable shelf: this means that you can optimize the space inside your mini fridge. If, for example, you decide to remove the shelf, you can also fit two one and a half liter bottles of water inside your Mobicool F16.
  • Eco mode: this way, at night, your mini fridge will cool down so quietly that you won’t even feel like you have it in your room. It also consumes less power, just 5 watts. Consumption remains low, even in cool mode. In this mode, only 37 watts.
  • Maximum power: 37 watts.
  • Small size and weight: only 10 x 30 x 51 cm and a weight of 6.3 kg.
  • Thermoelectric cooling system with Peltrier cell.
  • Magnetic door closure.
  • Cooling level of -20° C compared to the external temperature: so, if outside there are 35 degrees, inside your mini fridge there will be 15 degrees.

Mobicool F16: price that won’t change your opinion!

Summing up: why choose the Mobicool F16 cooler?
In our opinion, there are two strong points: the reversible door and the design.
The door of the Mobicool F16 is reversible, so you can change the opening as you like. so you can also change the position of the Mobicool cooler (if needed). Not a small advantage and not present in all the refrigerators on the market.
As far as design is concerned: we believe the aesthetic aspect is simple but the shapes are really well cared for, making it a good looking fridge, as well as elegant.
And considering these aspects (and the others already described) we believe that the price to pay to have the Mobicool F16[see here the cost and check the availability of the fridge] is congruous to the value of the fridge in question.

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