Mobicool FR34: both fridge and freezer

Are you looking for a mini fridge that can also be used as a freezer?

That can be used both at home and outside?

The Mobicool FR34 meets these needs. Thanks to the adjustable thermostat you can set a minimum temperature of -10°C and a maximum of +10°C. Consequently at -10°C it will perform the function of a freezer, although it is normal for it to do this especially when connected to 230 Volts. At 12 Volts it is normal to expect less power from the cooler. And this is true for every portable mini fridge on the market, at 12 Volts they are all less performing than when we can connect them to the home socket.
So, from this first description we have understood how the Mobicool FR34 is a cooler with double advantages: both fridge with freezer and both 230 Volt and 12 Volt connection.

Mobicool FR 34

Mobicool FR 34

  • Cooling from +10 °C to -10 °C
  • Automatic multi-level battery protection, 12/24 V DC, 230 V AC, A+, for cars, trucks, camping, boats and leisure activities
  • Desired temperature selectable via display
  • LED interior lighting, height for 1-litre bottles
  • Capacity: approx. 31 litres

Mini fridge Mobicool FR 34: with compressor but no noise!

Often in the field of refrigerators the compressor is associated with noise. This is obviously not entirely incorrect because some compressor refrigerators are really noisy. But don’t make the mistake of lumping everything together, because with the Mobicool FR34 we have a pleasant exception. It runs with a silent turbocharger. In practice it is just as quiet as a domestic refrigerator.
Yet another advantage to add to those already mentioned above and those we will list below:

  • Internal capacity 31 litres: you can fit 1 litre bottles standing up (of course, it also depends on the conformation of the bottles, since not all of them have the same shape and height).
  • Removable lid: so it is also easier to clean it.
  • Internal led light.
  • Inside there is a separate compartment for fresh food.
  • Energy class A+: consumption of 0.23 kWh/24h.
  • Product dimensions and net weight: 584 x 407 x 365 mm – 11.4 kg.
  • Easy to use: thanks to the intuitive controls and display.
  • Lateral handles to facilitate the transport of the Mobicool fridge: transport is even easier if there are two people, with one holding the handle at the right end and the other holding the one at the left end.

Mobicool FR34 portable fridge: opinions

To whom do we recommend the purchase of the Mobicool FR 34 portable fridge?

To whoever intends to use it on a boat, in the car, in a camper or perhaps to camping enthusiasts.
Why do you prefer it to other 31-litre mini portable fridges?
Because compared to other models, the Mobicool FR34 is also useful as a freezer and, despite being a fridge with a compressor, it is absolutely not noisy. Another thing to note is that the cooler can be connected to both a 12 Volt and a 230 Volt energy source.

We believe, therefore, that the Mobicool FR34 is a portable mini fridge of absolute quality and we are not even the only ones to speak positively about it. If you want to know other opinions as well, you can visit this website. Here you can also arrange for the purchase of the electric cooler should you be fully convinced to buy it.

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