Mobicool G26: 26 litre capacity

In the summertime a little bit we all suddenly become eager to drink a lot of water, much more than we do in the winter. A very physiological factor due to so much heat, and consequently when you think of buying a portable refrigerator, you hope in a model capacious enough. Fridge in which to put the bottles of water standing. Or at least that’s what we would like, since often, instead, you are forced to put them at an angle (consequently so much more space occupied). This won’t happen with the Mobicool G26 as you can easily put all small bottles upright, even a 2-liter bottle. Just match the position of the bottle to the groove on the inside of the fridge.

Mobicool G26 AC/DC or DC? Which version do you choose?

If you opt for a passive refrigerator, you need to put the siblings inside, so that food and drinks stay cool for as long as possible.
Maybe you are going on a long car journey and the risk of the fridge not being able to keep food cold is quite high. This risk is eliminated with the Mobicool G26, since it can be connected to the cigarette lighter socket of your car. In addition, the cable is already included and there is a special compartment where you can store it in an orderly manner.
When the refrigerator is disconnected from the energy source it can keep cold only for a short time, and the duration depends essentially on the presence or absence of ice inside. Therefore, when not plugged in, it turns into a passive fridge that needs the siblings to continue keeping food cold.

If, on the other hand, you opt for the AC DC version, then the fridge can also be used by plugging it into a home outlet. Since in this case the 230 Volt power source is supported. Of course, this version of the G26 also carries a slightly higher price[as you can see here] than the basic version suitable only for use in cars. And we should also specify that, with the G26 Ac Dc, we have an A+++ class refrigerator with adjustable cooling power.
And now, having seen these differences, here are all the other features that have in common the two Mobicool:

  • Capacity: 26 litres.
  • Cooling up to 18° less than the outside temperature.
  • Thermoelectric technology with Peltier cell 3 A (for Mobicool G26 DC) and 4 A (for Mobicool G26 AC DC).
  • Dimensions: 396 x 296 x 395 (W x D x H).
  • Weight: 3.7 kg (G26 DC) – 4 kg (G26 AC/DC).
  • Polyurethane foam insulation.

Mobicool G 26 portable fridge: final opinion

Why do you prefer the Mobicool G26 ?

Because it allows you to put inside, vertically, 1.5 liter bottles and even a 2 liter bottle and it cools properly when connected to the 12 volt or 230 volt socket (in the latter case only if you opt for the AC DC version).
To whom would we not recommend buying the Mobicool G26?
To anyone looking for excellent insulation performance typical of a passive fridge. The Mobicool G26 gives its best when connected to an electrical source, once disconnected the performance drops significantly and without the use of ice the coolness is maintained for a short time.

After reading the review do you think this is the right car fridge for you?

If the answer is yes you can find out here if the portable cooler (in its different versions) is still available, or you can read other reviews of products that perform better than this one (but are more expensive), such as the Mobicool T30.

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