Mobicool G30 AC/DC: mini fridge with integrated usb port

What if your mini fridge isn’t just for cooling the food you put inside?

What if it could also help you with another task?

The Mobicool G30 AC/DC mini fridge is also distinguished by an additional utility. Being a portable fridge that can also be plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter (but you have to buy the AC/DC model if not, buying the DC model will only allow you to plug it into the 12 Volt socket), this means taking away space from the possibility of charging your mobile phone. Not if you opt for the Mobicool G30, since thanks to the integrated USB port you can charge your smartphone.

Mobicool G30 AC/DC

Mobicool G30 AC/DC

  • Thermoelectric cooler, internal volume approx. 29 litres, 12 V and 230 V power supply, cooling down to 18°C below room temperature
  • Ideal for transporting drinks in the car
  • Practical and lightweight
  • Energy class A+++

Mobicool G30 AC/DC: up to 6 x 2 litre bottles standing up!

Another of the Mobicool G30 AC/DC mini fridge’s strong points is certainly its ability to hold up to 6 x 2-litre bottles standing up. This eliminates the problem of the space occupied by the bottles that must be placed at an angle or directly horizontal. Specifically, the capacity is 29 liters.
With the Mobicool G30 AC/DC not only this problem is solved, but also that of noise. If you use the fridge at full power then we certainly can’t call it silent, but fortunately you will have the opportunity to use it in Eco mode. And that means that not only will it consume less electricity, but also the Mobicool mini fridge will definitely be silent in its operation.
And after describing these two additional benefits, let’s now find out all the other benefits:

  • Cable compartment: present in the lid.
  • Transport handle: whose usefulness not only refers to the transport of the mini fridge Mobicool G30 AC DC, but also to the perfect closing of the lid.
  • Product dimensions: 396 x 445 x 296 mm (DxHxL).
  • Weight: 4.30 kg.
  • Energy class: A++.
  • Refrigeration capacity: up to 18° C compared to the outside temperature.

Mobicool G30 Mini Fridge: AC/DC or DC only?

We specify once again that there are two models of the G30 series: one AC/DC and one DC.
Which of the two should you choose?
Our suggestion, since these mini fridges are almost identical in every way, is to opt for the G30 AC DC considering that it offers the opportunity for a dual connection and then the price is not so different from the G30 DC model [indeed, with this offer it costs even less]. So, it’s better to opt for the AC/DC mini fridge right away. You never know when you might need to plug it into a 220-volt outlet at home.

For the rest, we recommend the Mobicool G30 portable fridge because it’s a rather innovative product and, compared to other models on the market, it boasts the possibility to recharge your mobile phone via the usb socket. In addition, it is really capacious (six 2-liter bottles to put vertically inside) and you can adjust the consumption and noise.

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