Mobicool K26: cold drinks and food in the car and at home

The Mobicool K26 is a portable mini fridge ideal for those who travel. You will no longer have to fear facing long journeys by car, because so much food and drinks are safe, from the torrid climate, inside the small fridge. It can be connected to a 12-volt socket (so it fits into the car’s cigarette lighter). And when it’s not powered it still manages to keep food cold thanks to good thermal insulation. Of course, the duration of freshness depends on several factors and, for yes or no, the ice for a use without power supply is good to put it inside the cooler
And if after a long car trip you arrive at the hotel, how to continue to keep cold the contents of the cooler?
Well in that case just connect it to a 230 Volt outlet.

Mobicool K26

Mobicool K26

Mobicool K 26 portable cooler: low consumption!

Certainly another of the elements to evaluate in a mini electric refrigerator is the consumption. Ok to take advantage of an efficient cooler, but surely we would like to avoid that a small household appliance consumes so much. This danger is averted by the Mobicool K26, since this portable refrigerator is class A++. So, from the point of view of energy consumption there is no need to worry, given that the A++ class is second only to the A++ class and superior to many others.
Having clarified that the Mobicool mini fridge is an appliance that favours energy saving, let us now evaluate all the other characteristics:

  • Suitable for 2-liter bottles to put upright: this is because there is a small internal groove in the door that allows us to put a two-liter bottle vertically.
  • Thermoelectric technology: this suggests us how the Mobicool K 26 mini fridge is also silent as it is not equipped with any compressor.
  • Design in polypropylene: therefore material suitable for food contact.
  • Capacity of 25 liters.
  • Cooling down to -18°C compared to the outside temperature: if the outside temperature is 30°, the temperature inside the refrigerator will be 12°. This obviously also depends on the thermostat setting.
  • Dimensions: 396 x 296 x 395 (WxDxH).
  • Net weight: 4 kg.
  • Ventilation system for rapid cold distribution.
  • Transport facilitated by the retractable handle.
  • Good thermal insulation thanks to the integral polyurethane foam.

Mobicool K26 mini fridge: final opinion

To whom do we recommend the purchase of the Mobicool K26 portable fridge?

Above all to travelers, to those who like to go camping and to those who, when they go to the beach, prefer to take cold drinks with them, rather than buying them at the bar (at prices sometimes really absurd).
Why do you prefer this mini fridge to others?
Because if you don’t have particular space requirements, 25 liters is already a rather satisfactory volume to carry several foods without the fridge being too heavy. In addition, you can put up a 2-liter bottle and you can connect the cooler both to a 12 V socket and to a “domestic” socket (230 Volt). And you won’t have to fear high consumption either, as this is a small A++ class appliance.
So, we recommend you buy it[click here to check if the product is currently available].

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