Mobicool mini fridge: features and models

On this page we are going to talk about Mobicool mini refrigerators. About the brand we can say that it is one of the leading manufacturers of portable refrigeration systems. It makes mini-fridges ideal for multiple occasions and, above all, to convince is the high level of insulation (drinks and food stay fresh longer). But we don’t want to anticipate everything now, continuing to read the article on Mobicool mini fridges you’ll get to know its features, types, best models and even prices.

Best Mobicool mini fridge

In order to help you right away in choosing the best Mobicool mini fridge, we have already thought of selecting those that for us represent the best coolers of this brand. Of such refrigerators you can evaluate all the features by clicking on the links that lead to the reviews of such products.

  • Mobicool F16 (mini home fridge, capacity of 15 liters).
  • Mobicool V30 (portable fridge 12V and 230V, capacity of 29 liters)
  • Mobicool B40 (portable fridge from 12V and 230V, capacity 40 litres)
  • Mobicool T08 DC (portable fridge for cars only, capacity 8 litres)

Mobicool mini fridge: fixed coolers

Some Mobicool mini fridges are fixed, which means they can only be used at home and are not suitable for taking with you. Such mini fridges are also distinguished by the presence of a double fan that promotes better cooling, as well as greater temperature retention.
There are both Mobicool mini fridges with compressor and without. Those equipped with compressor can reach lower temperatures and have a faster cooling.

There are mini fridges with dual functionality: both cooling and heating. In addition, thanks to the removable and height-adjustable shelf, the space inside your Mobicool fridge will be easily optimized.
Also available is the Eco Night function, which guarantees less noise so you can get a well-deserved rest if you use it in your bedroom.
The door hinges are reversible, so you can open the door of your Mobicool mini fridge to either the right or left. Just as it happens with one of the best models of the brand, namely Mobicool F16.

Mobicool portable fridge: both for the car and the home

Mobicool also makes portable fridges, so suitable for use outside the home. We distinguish two sub-categories: the mini car fridge (12V only) and the mini car and home fridge (dual power supply).
For transport in the car, some portable models can be fastened to the seat belt of your car. A perfect example is the Mobicool T08 DC. This cooler is quite small (only 8 litres), which is also why this is possible. On the other hand, it is not by opting for the larger models, such as the Mobicool G30 (capacity of 29 litres).

In order to facilitate transportation when perhaps taking the mini fridge on a camping trip, some coolers are equipped with wheels so you can move the fridge around as if it were a trolley (this is the case with the Mobicool W48).
Another practical feature is the divisible lid, which allows us to open only the half of the refrigerator that interests us, thus avoiding a total opening (as we know, the longer the refrigerator remains open, the less time it takes for food to cool). This is a special feature found in the Mobicool Q40.
Depending on the Mobicool refrigerator chosen, not only does the capacity and characteristics described above change, but also the energy class. For example, with the Mobicool K30 you can count on class A+++ (very low energy consumption).

Mobicool refrigerator: prices

From the previous paragraphs you were able to read reviews and also read the main features of the Mobicool cooler (both fixed and portable) now instead we will talk about the economic side. As you can check here Mobicool coolers also cost little.

Mobicool: who is it?

We talked a little bit, right at the beginning of this page, about this company, but maybe, you don’t know much about it. So, we will try to tell something about Mobicool.
Mobicool International Ltd is a Chinese company founded in 1991,so still very young. Despite this, it achieved success very quickly. Initially, the success occurs only in the Far East, Asia, then expands throughout the world. Mobicool deals with mini fridges. It has specialized in this sector and is beating the competition also in Italy. More and more people prefer to use one of the products marketed by this solid company.
Mobicool is now a solid reality, able to satisfy customers around the world.

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