Mobicool Q40 AC DC: mini fridge with an elegant and resistant design

Are you looking for a mini fridge that is easily transportable?

That comes with a sturdy casing?

These are two of the features of the Mobicool Q40. We’re not dealing with a plastic mini fridge that just needs the first bump to ruin it, but rather an aluminum one. And even though it’s not a portable fridge with wheels, it’s still easy to transport, thanks to the folding side handles.
Also worth mentioning is its compact size (the Mobicool Q40 measures 580 x 440 x 390 mm).

Mobicool Q40 AC/DC

Mobicool Q40 AC/DC

  • Thermoelectric fridge capable of cooling down to a maximum of 20°C below room temperature
  • The total volume of 39 l offers space for up to 53 cans or six 1.5 l bottles (one standing)
  • Powered by your vehicle’s battery or by the mains at campsites (12/230V)
  • Efficient thermoelectric cooling technology
  • Elegantly designed aluminium outer casing Folding side handles for easy transport

Mobicool Q40 AC/DC: for both car and home!

Why settle for a fridge that can only be connected to a 220/230 Volt socket?

Settling for such a product means reducing the possibility to take it with you when you go on a trip or simply on a camping trip. By not being able to plug it into the car’s cigarette lighter, there won’t be an opportunity (other than putting more iceboards inside) to properly store food and drinks. With the Mobicool Q40 AC DC, on the other hand, you won’t have to carry tablets compulsorily, since the product can be plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter.

But how capacious is the Mobicool Q40 mini fridge?

The internal volume is 39 liters and specifically can fit standing one-liter bottles for sure. As for the one and a half and 2 liter bottles can fit standing up, but only certain models. Lying down both bottles fit.
Inside the container there is also a dividing grid, so as to differentiate the positioning of food from drinks.
Here are all the other features of this mini fridge Mobicool:

  • Cooling capacity down to -20°C: of course, this is when the Mobicool Q40 AC/DC is connected to a 220 volt socket.
  • Compartment in the lid for storing cables.
  • Divisible lid: so we can only open it halfway, which is an advantage since we will only open the part that interests us.
  • Folding handles: saves space.
  • Double ventilation.
  • Energy class A++.
  • Net weight of 9.60 kg.
  • Silent operation: especially in Eco mode (minimum power). This mode also ensures lower consumption (7.50 w).

Mobicool Q40 mini fridge: price and final opinion!

Why choose the Mobicool Q40 AC DC mini fridge? What does it offer more than another “classic” portable fridge?

What it offers more is certainly the possibility to connect it to two different power sources, so you can take it with you in the car without the mandatory need to put ice bars inside. You’ll also save space.

Another feature that differentiates it from other products is the aluminum design that makes it much more durable than those models made with “sturdy plastic”.
These are the two features that differentiate it from the classic portable mini fridge. Specifications very much appreciated also by those who have already purchased it. And you can read these evaluations here (by clicking on the link you can see again the price of the product and, eventually, proceed with the purchase).

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