Mobicool T08 DC: the best 8-liter mini fridge for cars

If you need a car fridge, then you will find the Mobicool T08 DC very convenient. In addition to use in your car, this mini fridge is suitable for use at home (by buying the appropriate adapter). In addition, when you attach it to your car’s cigarette lighter, you will be able to transport it in complete safety.
After this initial presentation, we just have to discover together all the features of the mini portable fridge Mobicool T08 DC.

Mobicool T08 DC Frigo Portatile

Mobicool T08 DC Portable Fridge

  • Thermoelectric portable fridge
  • Internal volume about 8 liters
  • 12V power supply
  • Cold function
  • Suitable for car use

Mobicool T08 car fridge: fasten your seatbelt!

Are you in the car, alone?
You have a long journey to make?
Usually you would have to place it at the foot of the passenger seat, thanks to Mobicool T08 DC instead you can sit next to you, like your child. To prevent it from falling after braking, you only need to fasten the belt through thespecial fastening system. So your Mobicool mini fridge won’t move. Alternatively, if you already have company next to you, you can easily put it in the back and secure it with the rear seat belts.

Fixing it with the belt is really advantageous. For example: Imagine you are standing in a queue at a toll station. One of those endless queues that most often arise during holiday periods. The torrid heat knocks on your window and the only thing you need is a bit of refreshment. With the Mobicool T08 DC cooler you have freshness at your fingertips. Reach out and grab the desired cold drink and enjoy that moment of coolness, while waiting for something up ahead to change quickly.
Don’t think in the slightest that the benefits end there, of course not, there are many more. Let’s find out about them below.

  • Dual hot/cold function: you can cool, but also heat, up to a temperature of 65°C.
  • Cooling level of -20° C compared to the outside temperature: among other things, the thermal insulation is very effective, thanks to the polyurethane.
  • Capacity of 8 liters: inside you can put up to 6 bottles of half a liter.
  • Two practical cup holders.
  • Dimensions: 20 x 44 x 30 cm.
  • Easy to carry: thanks to the shoulder strap and the weight of 3.1 kg (empty).
  • Low noise level: compared to other mini car fridge the Mobicool T08 proves to be less noisy.

Mobicool T08: great value for money!

You have been able to read the characteristics of the Mobicool T08 DC portable mini fridge and now you just have to draw the conclusions.
Why do you prefer the Mobicool T08 DC mini fridge to other car mini fridges?
Because not only does it boast an exclusive fixing system to the passenger seat, but it is also equipped with other convenient functions. Among all the practicality of the two glass holders and the double functionality(both for hot and cold food).
What to add more?
That the value for money is really good and makes the Mobicool T08 DC portable cooler one of the best mini fridge for cars. And if you are interested in buying it, please click here to check its availability and review its cost.

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