Mobicool V30: up to 6 x 2 liter bottles standing upright

Sick of where to put the 2-liter bottles at an angle? Which, by the way, the more inclined they are, the more space they take up?

Space you could take up with some other drink or dish instead?

So you want a portable fridge that can hold 2-litre bottles upright?

Well, that’s going to happen with the Mobicool V30 as with its 29 litre capacity and internal dimensions, it can hold up to 6 x 2 litre bottles. And this is certainly not the only benefit we will be able to enjoy with the Mobicool V30. In the rest of the review we will find out all the others.

Mobicool V30 AC/DC

Mobicool V30 AC/DC

  • Thermoelectric portable fridge, internal volume approx. 29 litres, 12 V and 230 v power supply, cooling down to 18°C below room temperature
  • Ideal for transporting drinks in the car
  • Practical and lightweight
  • Energy class A++

Mobicool V30: Portable fridge with dual power supply!

Do you often travel long distances by car for work?

When you go on holiday do you prefer to travel by car and, even in this case, do you travel long distances?

In both cases there is certainly the need to have, in the hottest periods of the season, a mini fridge that can supply us with a cool drink. It’s just a pity that after a certain number of hours, if the fridge doesn’t have a good thermal insulation, the drink inside will heat up. This, however, will not happen with the Mobicool V30 since you can connect it to the cigarette lighter of the car and, consequently, you can also cool the drink or otherwise keep it cold enough.

The refrigeration capacity of the mini fridge is around -18°C compared to the outside temperature and, of course, this capacity only refers to when the fridge is connected to a power source. Of course there will be a lower efficiency when the connection is made with the car cigarette lighter (but this is normal). In any case, the drinks inside remain cool. There is no risk of them becoming undrinkable.

Personal tip: for particularly long journeys, our advice is to put one or two bars of ice inside.
By the way, we would like to point out that thanks to the double ventilation, cooling takes place more quickly than in other mini fridges with only one fan. And now let’s move on to all the other features that we will describe below:

  • Low consumption: after all, the Mobicool portable mini fridge is a product of class A++.
  • Integrated compartment for neat storage of cables.
  • Easy to carry: thanks to the recessed handles.
  • Noise: at maximum power can be annoying, but in Eco mode (which can be activated only with connection to the 230V power outlet) the noise is lower and therefore not particularly annoying.
  • Dimensions (DxHxL) and net weight: 396 x 445 x 296 mm – 4 kg.

Mobicool V30 mini fridge: price and why choose it

Why do you prefer the Mobicool V30 mini fridge to other models?

Because it boasts a good capacity and you will finally be able to put more 2-liter bottles upright and not tilted. Also, it’s a product that boasts a dual power supply (which will be really useful, especially to those who make long car journeys). And all in all, the price is another of its strengths, all the more so if that offer is still active.

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