Mobicool W40: internal volume of 39 litres

Looking for a roomy mini fridge that can hold even 2-liter bottles vertically?

That is ideal for travelling and can be powered by electricity not only at home but also in the car?

Mobicool W40 provides the answer to your questions. The total volume of the mini fridge is 39 litres and, what is even more appreciated, you can finally put the 2 litre bottles upright. No longer will you have to place them obliquely, which, by the way, only takes up extra space, this time you will place them vertically. Of course, always remember that this advantage unfortunately also depends on the type of bottle. Unfortunately, companies get so crazy that they make 2-liter bottles that differ in shape and height.
The additional advantage offered by the Mobicool W40 portable fridge is the dual power system. So, not only can you plug the cooler into the 230 Volt outlet at home, but later (when you leave) you can also plug the cooler into the car’s cigarette lighter socket.

Mobicool W 40 mini fridge: available in two different versions

Just above we showed two different prices, but two models that are equally of the Mobicool w40. So it is logical to ask:
“But beyond the price, what are the differences?”
The differences are in the appearance and power supply. The slightly more expensive version provides an additional power source: the 24 Volt. On the other hand, from an aesthetic point of view, well it’s a matter of choosing which of the two you like better.
These are the only differences between the two models. And you, which do you prefer?
If you prefer the 12/24/230V W40 then you can click here to see if the product is still available today. Or you can continue reading the review, as we will now list all the other features that both models have in common:

  • Equipped with pull-out handles and wheels: so you don’t have to carry the Mobicool mini fridge by weight, but just tow it.
  • Split lid: it means that the same does not have to be opened completely, you can open for example only the right side so as to reduce the dispersion of cold.
  • Storage space for tidy cables.
  • Two internal dividers: to distribute food as you see fit.
  • Rapid cooling: thanks to a double ventilation system.
  • Adjustable cooling: using the maximum power the Mobicool W 40 can be noisy, using the minimum (Eco mode) it is not noisy, but of course it will cool less quickly.
  • Refrigeration technology: thermoelectric.
  • Energy class of the refrigerator: A++.
  • Dimensions and net weight: 560 x 420 x 380 mm (W x H x L) – 8.40 kg.

Mobicool W40 Portable Fridge: Reviews

At the end of the review you just have to ask yourself:
“Why do you prefer the Mobicool W40 to other 39-litre portable mini fridges?
Because this Mobicool model allows you to put even 2-litre bottles inside vertically, it can be powered by 12 Volts and 230 Volts (the more expensive version also by 24 Volts) and, in addition, it is easy to transport thanks to its wheels and pull-out handles. Therefore, you won’t have to make excessive efforts and in any case the handles favour transport for two (one person holds the handle on the right and the other one on the left).
Our opinion of the Mobicool W40 is positive, but so is that of those who have already bought it[find out more opinions here].

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