Mobicool W48 AC/DC: carrying it around is really easy

Mini fridges may be small, but when they are full, well, they become a bit too heavy to carry. And if we then add to a not insignificant weight that sometimes the handle seems more like a blade that wants to cut our hands, you get to the point where you want the product to have wheels so as to transport it with much more ease. Without having to make excessive physical efforts. In short, start a day of leisure already having to sweat just to transport the mini fridge is not exactly the best. But luckily with the Mobicool W48 AC/DC portable fridge this won’t happen because it has two wheels and a folding handle that ensure easy transport (it’s a bit like carrying a trolley).
Transport is also possible via the two side handles.

Mobicool W48 AC/DC

Mobicool W48 AC/DC

  • 12/230 volts for cars and automatic switching socket
  • Two stable wheels and folding multi-function handle for easy transport with opening side handles
  • Split lid cable to minimize cold compartment loss in the lid
  • Space for a complete standing beverage crate for 2-liter bottles (Dimensions 30 x 40 x 32 cm)
  • Removable cutting grid

Mobicool W48 AC/DC Portable Fridge: What capacity and what an opening!

If you’re going on a trip with friends over several days, it’s only natural that you have to take lots of drinks with you. All the more so if the car journey is long enough. And getting ripped off at a service station for just a half-litre bottle of water isn’t exactly great for our finances. The Mobicool W48 portable cooler has a capacity of up to 48 litres. Specifically, you can fit 12 two-litre bottles (if you remove the dividing grid inside). With this grid you can fit up to 9.

And there is not even the “danger” that the drinks can heat up during the trip, since the Mobicool mini fridge can be connected not only to a 220V outlet, but also to the car’s cigarette lighter. In addition, to avoid the usual “cold going away” problem when opening the lid, the Mobicool W48 introduces thebutterfly opening. That is, the lid is divided into two parts, so you don’t have to open the whole thing but only open the area from which to take the drink. A really smart and useful introduction.
To evaluate the other features of the Mobicool W48 mini fridge here is a detailed list:

  • Refrigeration capacity: down to -16°C.
  • Double ventilation system: to cool the food faster. And despite this double system, the mini fridge is not excessively noisy.
  • Cable compartment: so you can store it neatly when not in use.
  • Dimensions of the mini fridge: 532 x 452 x 400 mm (depth, height and width).
  • Weight: 7.60 kg.

Mobicool W48 mini fridge: and what a price!

The Mobicool W48 portable mini fridge convinced us in many ways and unlike other products in this category, we found more than useful the sturdy wheels and the handle that allow you to easily carry this 48-liter fridge (it also fits a whole box of drinks from 2 liters).

In addition, the possibility of being able to connect it both to a car cigarette lighter socket (12 volts) and to a classic socket at home. And despite all these advantages, the price is not at all excessive[discover it here]. Indeed, considering some prices that “turn” for the 48-liter mini fridge and lower quality than Mobicool, well the cost is definitely convenient.

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