Office mini fridge: buying guide

Working in the summer is more difficult because of the rising temperatures. If you work in an office without air conditioning… well, we understand. Beyond bringing some kind of room cooling system into the workplace, it is also important to have a mini office fridge. Drinking cold water or any other beverage will be an indispensable cure-all. Definitely better than drinking a drink at room temperature.
However, you need to choose the right mini fridge and we will help you with this.

Office minibar: reviews of recommended models

Not sure which office minibar to choose?

In the bulleted list below you can evaluate some compact office refrigerators (and more) that we recommend you to buy. Clicking on the links will allow you to read reviews of these coolers.
For further help in choosing, you can read the next paragraph instead.

  • Ardes ARTK44A (6 litres portable fridge)
  • Ardes TK45A (17 litres portable fridge)
  • Klarstein MKS 13 (32 litre fixed fridge)
  • Klarstein Manhattan (35 litre stationary fridge)
  • Klarstein Hea Mks 50 (40 litre stationary fridge)

Office fridge: how to choose it?

How do you choose the right office mini fridge for your needs?
You just need to evaluate some features that we will analyze as we continue reading. You might even discover features you thought a cooler could never have (such as the dual “hot-cold” mode).

What type of office fridge?

If it’s possible to connect to electricity, go for electric refrigerators. If you can’t, then you’ll need to opt for passive portable refrigerators. That is, those coolers that keep drinks cool by putting ice inside them.

Office fridge with freezer: two types

What are you going to put inside the fridge?Foods that only need refrigeration or also frozen products?
If the answer is: also foods that need the freezer, then, you’ll have to buy a mini office fridge with freezer.
Be careful though: there are models that really do have a freezer shelf (like the Severin KS9827) and others that only have an ice cube compartment (like the Ardes AR5I67)

Refrigerator for personal or collective use?

Is the office fridge for personal use?

If it’s just for you, then a mini fridge with a capacity that’s not too large will suffice, even a 4-litre or 6-litre fridge can be more than fine. We recommend the Ardes ARTK44A.
Are you an employer and would like to install a mini fridge in your office for all your employees?
Then, it’s better not to go below 10 litres. In short, the bigger the better (then, of course, it also depends on the number of employees).

Usually better if it is not noisy!

Being a workplace, it would be a good idea to get a fridge that is not too noisy. Although this depends a lot on the level of “liveliness” of the place. If, for example, there is always confusion in the office, a noisy fridge will certainly not be a problem. Maybe among all the noise there is, you will not even hear the noise of the cooler. If not, there is no getting away from buying a silent refrigerator.

Office mini fridge with heating action?

If you wish to put inside your small fridge as well as food to be heated, then you should opt for a hot cold model. Such as the Ardes AR5I04. This feature allows you to use the cooler even in winter periods, so the product will be useful every day of the year.

Office fridge: prices

You could read it with your own eyes, there are so many features of an office fridge, depending on the same mutates the final cost of purchase.
So, carefully consider which functions and features you consider essential and which are not.

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