Pink mini fridge: buying advice

Pink mini fridges are certainly very special, as the color is not really the “usual” color of a cooler. In fact, usually refrigerators have pretty standard colors (white, gray and black). Pink, however, gives the cooler a more “jaunty” look. And among the various models on the market, we have chosen three that we think are the most beautiful. You’ll also find some great deals on pink mini fridges in the table below.

4 litre pink portable mini fridge: we recommend the Roseinstein NC3730

If you’re looking for a small pink portable mini fridge then the Roseinstein NC3730 is the “nice and cheap” choice –Obviously nice because the cooler looks really nice[find out more here] and cheap because it doesn’t cost that much. Also, it’s a product that can be used not only to cool drinks, but also to heat any food (or otherwise keep it warm).
Another fact to highlight regarding the use of the Roseinstein NC3730 concerns the type of power supply. You can use it comfortably at home and connect it, therefore, to a 230 V outlet, or you can take it with you in your car. In the latter case, all you need to do is plug it into the cigarette lighter socket, as this model also runs on 12V.

16 litre pink portable mini fridge: we recommend the Family

The Family is a 16-litre pink mini fridge that can be used both indoors and out. In fact, just like the model we described above, this cooler also boasts a dual power supply (12 Volts and 230 Volts). The internal space (16 litres) is divided into three shelves. You can also remove the two grills to create more space.
This pink mini fridge can also be stored in the bedroom without being a nuisance, as the noise level is very low. On the other hand, we are referring to a cooler with thermoelectric technology, so there is no compressor that can disturb your rest.
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Stationary mini fridge with 108 litres: we recommend the Klarstein PopArt

If you need a capacious mini fridge that also has a freezer, then the Klarstein PopArt Pink is just what you need. The total volume is 108 litres, but this figure should be divided into 95 for the fridge department and 13 for the freezer department.
The Klarstein PopArt Rosa (we specify “pink” because the PopArt line also includes different models in color) strikes us at first glance for its 50s design and, after assembly, surprises us favorably for its silence.
In addition to these advantages, we would like to point out that the internal temperature can be regulated, that the mini fridge does not have a reversible door and that the internal space is organized with two shelves plus the compartment for fruit and vegetables (in addition to the freezer compartment, of course).
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