Portable fridge: a guide to the best model by type

Why settle for a mini room fridge if you’re used to long journeys or spending a lot of time in the car for work?
Are you going camping or perhaps to the seaside?
In these cases you need a portable mini fridge, so that you always have your drinks and fresh food on hand. A cooler which, thanks to its different features and types, can be used on several occasions. As we will deepen in the next paragraphs.

Passive portable mini fridge: features and recommended models

Passive portable refrigerators are the cheapest on the market because they do not need to be connected to any power source. You just have to take care to put inside the ice needed to keep the food fresh. The more ice you put in, the longer drinks and food will stay cold. Although this duration is also influenced by the external environment and the heat resistance of the cooler itself.
Among the best passive mini fridges we suggest the Giostyle Bravo 25 line (there are also electric models of the same series).

Electric portable fridge: features and recommended models

Compared to passive coolers, mini electric portable refrigerators do not require ice to be put inside (however, for long car trips it is always better to put it inside). They keep food cold for longer because they are powered by a 12-volt socket (in the car) or a 220/240-volt socket (at home).

Portable 12 Volt fridge

The characteristic of a mini 12 Volt portable electric fridge is that it can be connected to the car’s cigarette lighter. This way, you won’t have any problem refreshing your drinks during a trip. You don’t have to go anywhere to take advantage of this benefit. If you are always on the move for work (e.g. as a courier), it would not be bad at all to have the portable fridge as a “companion” so that you can defend yourself from the heat with a bottle of cold water.
Among the 12 Volt models we recommend the Mobicool T08 DC.

220/230 Volt portable fridge

Some mini electric refrigerators are equipped not only with a 12-volt connection but also with a 220/240-volt connection, which allows you to use your small refrigerator at home. So, in this specific case, the usefulness doubles. And in this regard we can not recommend the models Mobicool V30 (29 liters), Mobicool B40 (38 liters) and Mobicool W48 (48 liters).

Portable gas fridge trivalent: features and recommended models

Yes, there is also the portable gas fridge.
How does the portable gas fridge work?
First of all, let’s specify that they are also electric models, so you can connect them to the car cigarette lighter or maybe to the 230 Volt socket at home. And then you can use them where there is no electricity thanks to the connection with the gas cylinder.
The small gas fridge is ideal especially for those who travel and go to campsites.
“Yes, but how much does it cost?”
Well the price is higher than the electric coolers only and among the trivalent mini fridge we recommend Dometic Combicool rc 1200 egp.

Portable refrigerator: the choice according to the type of use

There are different uses of a portable refriger ator and also according to these different needs changes the type of cooler to buy.
Below, through the appropriate paragraphs we will analyze the different uses describing the most important features to be evaluated.

Portable car fridge

The most popular portable car refrigerators are those which allow the connection to the 12 Volt socket, however passive refrigerators are still very popular.
In addition to this choice regarding the type (which also varies according to how long the food must remain fresh), carefully evaluate the capacity and portability of the product.

The more litres there are, the larger the cooler will be, but be careful to analyse how many bottles will fit inside the cooler. If you are alone then a cooler that holds small bottles may be fine, but otherwise you may need a mini-fridge that holds one or more 2-liter bottles. And this is where you need to be careful of the wrong purchase because many car mini fridges are not able to accommodate 2 litre drinks.

Also consider how easy the mini fridge can be transported. Not only in terms of the space it takes up in the car (some models, such as the Dometic Bordbar TB 08, can even be attached using the car’s seatbelt), but also after the car. If you’re going to take the fridge with you after the car journey, the handles had better be strong and ergonomic.

Portable camping fridge

Characteristics such as capacity and portability are also important for camping. The first is because if you are many you have to opt, for example, for mini-fridges of 30 liters (if not bigger) while if you are a few you can also opt for smaller fridges, so maybe 16-liter fridge or 8-liter fridge.
Themore spacious they are, the heavier they are to carry, so it is necessary that the handles are durable (if not, if they break you have to opt for a transport even more difficult) and that they are not “sharp” (preferably with soft grip).
The best types for camping: gas models represent the most complete choice but also the most expensive (usually). Logically, passive coolers or electric models are also good (as long as they have a good level of resistance to external temperature once they are no longer electrically powered).

Portable fridge for medicines

In this case the objective is different, but we can immediately say that there is nothing to stop you from taking your medicines (properly stored) into a fridge where there are already drinks or food. But you have to store the medicines properly without the slightest risk that maybe a half-open drink could ruin the product. However, there are also special coolers for medicines, but we will talk more about this in the article “Mini fridge for medicines”.

Portable refrigerators: prices

How much do mini portable refrigerators cost?

If you’ve clicked on the various links you’ll already have an idea, if not we can say that the cost is really very variable. We go from super cheap models[like this one] to quite expensive ones.

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