Red mini fridge: the recommended models

Are you looking for a nice red mini fridge?

In this article we recommend you some models that are very first choices because they are very beautiful, but they are also efficient. You’ll get to know their features and also their price (we’ll show you the price through links). And even before we show you our top picks, you’ll also be able to evaluate three offers.

Vintage red 4-litre mini fridge: we recommend the Klarstein Bella Taverna

The Klarstein Bella Taverna is one of the smallest and most beautiful red mini fridges. It has an internal volume of 4 litres (suitable for cans), its vintage look is striking from the first glance and, what’s more, it can be used both indoors and out. In fact, it boasts a dual power supply: both 12 and 230 Volts. And another double functionality concerns the “hot-cold“, so a mini fridge suitable not only for cooling but also for heating.
And if you want to evaluate the design and price of the Klarstein Bella Taverna, click here. This model is also available in colours: green, cream and grey.

Red 14-litre portable mini fridge: we recommend OneConcept Truckstop

OneConcept Truckstop immediately won us over with a design that is quite different from the usual portable mini fridge. In fact, thanks to its shape and the extendable top handle it looks like a nice trolley (the lower wheels, of course, are not there). Refrigerator that can be used at home(230 Volts) and outside(12 Volts, with adapter already included in the purchase package).
It does not consume much, in fact it is part of the energy class A + and you can use it not only to cool, but also to heat. A model that therefore convinces with its beauty and its double advantages.
Do you want to find out how much it costs now? Then please click here.

Retro red 50s 48 litre mini fridge: we recommend Klarstein Audrey

Once again we are faced with a red mini fridge of undisputed beauty. And not only that, with the Klarstein Audrey we go back to the ’50s. This product is also a great piece of furniture and is not noisy at all, so if you want to install it in your bedroom you won’t have to worry that it will disturb your rest.
It doesn’t even consume much, in fact it is a small appliance of class A+. The internal volume is 48 litres, organised in two compartments (there is also a special compartment for bottles). Of course, you can adjust the internal temperature to suit your cooling needs.
Would you like to find out more about this product?
Then please click on this link.

108 litre red mini fridge: we recommend the Klarstein PopArt

The Klarstein PopArt appeals with its 1950s look and its rounded design. Specifically, we must say that the PopArt is actually part of a line of coolers available in several colors, including red. Having said that, we would like to point out that the 108-litre internal space allows you to put in lots of food and drinks, so much so that the product can be considered as a second home fridge.
The main fridge, of course, will be in the kitchen, while the Klarstein you could also put it in the bedroom since it will not give any nuisance despite being a refrigerator with compressor. By the way, it doesn’t consume that much either, since it’s class A+.
The door of the PopArt Rosso is not reversible. When we open it, the contents inside the small refrigerator are clearly visible because the led light comes on automatically. And if you think this is the red mini fridge for you, click here and find out how much it costs and how good it looks.

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